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Richard Pierpoint

No description

Derek Bush

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Richard Pierpoint

Richard Pierpoint
Richard Peirpoint was captured when he was 16 by slave traders. They transported by a slave ship to Britian. He was sold at market and a British General claimed him. Since the Generals last name was Pierpoint, they gave him that last name and his first name became Richard.
The British army needed more soldiers to fight in the war. So they offered the slaves and black loyalist including,Richard Pierpoint freedom and land if they fought in the war of 1812.
At the age of 68 Richard Pierpoint was a Black loyalist and former slave for the USA, when war of 1812 was declared he presented signatures of an all black militia called Corps of Men of Colour from the Niagara frontier to help protect upper Canada
The Corps was there to secure freedom to the black people in the war , if the americans won they would be forced back to slavery. The coloured corps fought in several battle against the americans.

After the war of 1812 Richard Pierpoint declaimed the Goverment to send him back to Senegal, but unforchenitly the Goverment denied his request. After the goverment denied his request Richard Pierpoint successfully received his land and freedom, Richard Pierpoint returned to his life as a Labourer Grantham. For several years after.

In the year 1836 Richard Pierpoint was ill and very old. In the year 1837 Richard Pierpoint died the ceremony was on his property and the Govener and generals burned him.
Fun facts on Richard Pierpoint
.Richard Pierpoint's army called him Captain Dick as a nickname
.There was about 700 people in the Corps of Men of Colour
.Richards militia's motto was "TO STAND AND FIGHT TOGETHER"
.Richard and his milita fought in the battle of
Queenston Heights
After the war of 1812, Pierpoint and the Corps of man of Colour, were assigned to rebuild damaged forts and villages. This happend in the Niagara region, they were told by the British Government to do this job.
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