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Coniferous foerst

No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Coniferous foerst

plants, animals, temperature, and precipitation of a coniferous forest.
Coniferous forest
The tempurature is highest in july and lowest in january.
precipitation is very high in the middle of the year.
Big horn mountain sheep
The sheep graze on the grasses in a coniferous forest such as wheat grass, bluegrass, and June grass. They have a muscular body, brown coat , and patches of white.
They mostly eat ptarmigan, but they eat other birds too like ducks and geese. long, broad, pointed wings, long barreled tail, and broad chest.
Bald eagle
They eat fish on the surface of the water and small animals on the ground. black body with white head and tail, piercing eyes, and 8 foot wing span.
Balsam fir trees
a medium sized tree generally reaching 40 - 60 feet in height and are very sticky. soil is perfect for this tree.
Black spruce tree
Small up right tree, dwarf and narrow.the soil is perfect and many animals nest here.
Giant sequoia tree
very big in trunk and height which height reaching about 3,000 feet. And are fire resistant.
Poison oak
They grow in very shady spots which is all over mostly because of trees. And are glossy green and turn orange and red in later turns.
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