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No description

chloe lawson

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of moving

moving away
Stanza 1
Stanza 3
When we got to my new house i was so tired
i went to my new bed i felt like i just got fired
if only we could have stayed with all my friends and teachers they all had quit a eye
i wanted to cry but i couldn't get myself to
the new house just felt brand new
i couldnt stay in it for much longer so i
went on a walk to inspect the trees we
didn't have to many of these where
i use to live then i spotted something rare

Stanza 4
it looked like a locket made of gold
then i picked up and kept it in my hold
i tried to open it but it wouldn't budge
when i got it open a one of the pics there was a smudge
when i cleaned it up it looked like a young girl
and around her photo was a pearl
she looked happy and from then on i knew
i would be like her soon

Stanza 2
when we get in the car and we speed away i hear something unusal Boom!Boom! We slow to a stop and i think the tires popped i hear something i say huh
my dad must have called my name and i felt like i was about to scream mother nature dosent want u to leave obviously
when the tow truck got here it took over 100 years
Chloe Lawson
I woke up with a smile placed on face i was ready to leave my favorite place
my home was my home that i will always have it in my heart the place i grew up will always be the same i will miss this place
my parents are ready to go but i don't think i can let go i have too many memories that even if any
of my new ones are better they wont mean as much

Stanza 2

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