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medusa better one

No description

Mariah Gallardo

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of medusa better one

Medusa there's two parts to this monster 1st story 2nd story She was really pretty. Medusa was born this way. Athena saw Medusa and Perseus together. She had two other sisters who were not mortal. Her two sisters were known as the gorgons. Her parents were Phorkys and Keto. Everyone who dared to look at her would turn into stone. Her two sisters were Euryale and Stheno. Athena turned her ugly when she got jealous of Medusa. Athena got mad when she saw Poseidon and Medusa together. Athena decided to make Medusa pay by turning her ugly that no man could ever see her. And if you did you would turn into stone. Monster that couldn't been see. Even if you dared this monster would turn men into stone Dare to see and you'll be turn to stone. Ugly beast Medusa was. Snakes replacing hair. Awesome monster if you ask me! Medusa's greek name was Meodusa. When Medusa was killed Pegasus and Chrysaor were born. Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon. When she was killed by Perseus..... Pegasus and Chrysaor sprang from her body. Her symbol was snakes. When Perseus killed Medusa he... Took her head and gave it to Athena to put on her shield. Medusa's head on Athena's shield. Medusa represents the enemy of death. Medusa's power is to turn men to stone. No one really knows the end to Medusa's story truth is....... It never had a ending. When Medusa got killed nobody notice a snake from her hair escape. It slid away and bumped into the god Zeus. Zeus was suprised of its escape and gave it one wish. The snake wished to be back on one of the Gorgons head. Granting its wish the snake became a part of one of Medusa's sisters heads. And it lived happily ever after!!!!!!!! I got all my info from www.Wikipedia.com! And wiki.answer.com!!!! Thanks for standing by ~(^_^)~
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