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Entertainment During the Great Depression

No description

Marianna Fischer

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Entertainment During the Great Depression

1929 Nebraska Football
The university of Nebraska football coach was hired a few months before the depression
The school won the Big-6 Conference 6 years in a row
NFl salaries are cut in the 1930's
Nfl had their first college draft during the depression
Major changes due to the depression
Salaries were cut for rosters and major league players
14 minor leagues were eliminated
40% of attendance to games dropped by 1933
1931 in Nevada gambling was legalized
Famous for casinos, night clubs and sporting events
One most popular form of gambling was horse racing.
Monopoly was introduced in 1935
Scrabble was sold during the 1930's
Neighbors got together to play bridge, dominoes, and canasta.
Rodeos were vital throughout the great depression
Burwell, Nebraska was the most popular place to see the rodeo
Federal writers captured the spirit of the rodeo in 1930.
In 1930's music tried to calm the social suffering
Some Classics were:
"Just A Bowl of Cherries" in 1931 by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson
"We're in the Money" in 1933 by Harry Warren and Al Dubin.
Entertainment During the depression.
Entertainment was important because it took the communitys mind off of their economy and their living situations.
It gave the people a hope for a better future.
Entertainment During the Great Depression
Created by:
LauraLynn Chapel
Marianna Fischer
Art programs
In 1935-1939 art projects, federal music, writers and theater projects were present
WPA Thousands of artists, architects, and educators found work in American museums.
Federal tax dollars employed artists, musicians, actors, writers, photographers, and dancers
1937 Walt Disneys "Snow White" was the first full length animated movie
Gone with the Wind" premiered in Atlanta in 1939
"My Man Godfrey" told the story of how a man lost his whole fortune in 1929 due to the stock market crash.
Federal theater in 1930
Group theaters in 1931
Productions decreased dramatically
Audiences shrank
Talented writers, performers, and directors fled the industry to find work in Hollywood

Listening to the radio was a source of free entertainment
One of the most common radio shows for young children was Little Orphan Annie.
Adults listened to newscasts, radio theater, the Grand Ole Opry, soap operas, and sermons as well.
An estimated 60 million people listened to President Roosevelt's first fireside chat about the bank crisis
Men transitioned from the stock market to gambling to kill their time.
Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees

Football in Nebraska was almost as popular as it is now
Monopoly was sold for 3.50$ back n the 30's.
Rodeos were a fun pass time.
Live music from the 30's and 40's was a hit!
Decals were popular.
Public theater.
Walt Disneys Snow White.
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