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Assignment: 06.07 Impact of Biotechnology

No description

james graves

on 25 July 2015

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Transcript of Assignment: 06.07 Impact of Biotechnology

Animal Cloning is the process by which an entire organism is reproduced from a single cell taken from the parent organism and in a genetically identical manner. This means the cloned animal is an exact duplicate in every way of its parent; it has the same exact DNA.
Animal Cloning For Agricultural Purposes.
Assignment: 06.07 Impact of Biotechnology
Description of the biotechnology!
The point of cloning is to increase the number of breeding animals with naturally occurring desirable traits. This will allow for the more rapid spread of these characteristics through the herd, such as disease resistance or higher quality meat.
What is the purpose of the biotechnology?

Control over uncertainty:
One of the major drawbacks in animal breeding is the uncertainty of genetic outcome. Mating two prize dogs, cattle or horses does not guarantee that the offspring will demonstrate the best traits of either parent. Cloning allows the creation of exact duplicates. That means better animals and less rejected, sick or deformed offspring.
Pros and Cons!
In conclusion, I feel that this technology should be used, but long after it is proven to be safe and lacking in defects
Assignment: 06.07 Impact of Biotechnology

Cloning is expensive and far from certain:
Despite the big promises and utopian visions, animal cloning remains expensive and uncertain. Many cloned animals are born with major defects resulting from the process itself, and must be destroyed.
by :james graves
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