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Try-umph Goal Setting

No description

Rebecca Lyne

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Try-umph Goal Setting

GO!!! GET SET!! ON YOUR MARKS! A NEW START LINE… FINISH LINE! (That I don’t already have) What I’ll need… http://festival.london2012.com/events/index.php
http://www.thegamesandbeyond.com/ Try these links for ideas... YOU DECIDE! A fresh start with a new goal?
Make your goal harder or easier?
Stay the same? Perform like an Olympian with… Task:

Get together
everything and
make contact with
everyone you need. Plan a treat or celebration
Present your Prezi
Hold an awards ceremony: were you
Gold, Silver or Bronze? PARTY TIME! Half-time
Orange Do a progress report with your buddy:
What is going well?
What could you improve?
Any funny stories?! I will give evidence of actions I am taking and things I am achieving by… Measuring Progress People that you will discuss your progress with and look to for encouragement and advice.
(one person is enough and it’s better to have less than 3) Support Buddies What:




How: My First Steps… After thought, research and discussion, my agreed goal is… Agreeing on a Goal Task:

your goal then
write a letter to
your parents persuading
them to help you follow
your dream and goals.

Can they join in?! My Goal is… Goals are things under your control that you can set and achieve therefore making dreams more likely to come true… You can’t score
without a Goal! My dream is… A dream is a wish that is not fully under your control. But don’t let that stop you. Dream big…! Dare to Dream! Things
that inspired me in the Olympics that I would like to try…. REMEMBER TO TAKE:


ACTIVITY LOG BELOW... Brainstorming My Support Buddy is… EVIDENCE Task:

Prepare your
Prezi to present
to your class. Fill
it with pictures, videos and writing.
Be creative! Try-umph! Goal Setting WEEK 1: WEEK 2: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: WEEK 5: WEEK 6: ACTIVITY LOG Copyright © 2012 Rebecca Lyne Deadline: Deadline: Deadline: Deadline: Deadline: GOOD STUFF COULD BE BETTER
STUFF hello!
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