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06.02 What are Externalities?—Honors

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Diana Norato

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of 06.02 What are Externalities?—Honors

the issue that i choose was water pollution because i think that water is one of the main resources that humans need. If one place gets polluted in one place it would spread around other bodies of water polluting them and if this happens drinkable water would scarce.
What is the issue?
Economic Costs- if regional aquatic ecosystem is damaged, commercial fishing and aquaculture are likely to be less profitable. Accidental spills by tankers are always expensive events to clean -up.
Social Costs-The problem takes a very different way in developing countries where limited water treatment is available and where the population relies more on outdoor water sources. this usually happens in developed countries.
environmental Costs- extensive damage to the aquatic ecosystems.
What externalities does the issue raise?
well a helpful action that the viewers can take is that first they can start by recycling in there homes, in school, work etc. By doing this action they are not only helping the environment but themselves and by this i mean if they recycle especially in the beaches and lakes they would have healthier water. So if you see anyone thrown trash anywhere please tell them what would happen if they don't recycle. So Please help the environment and ourselves! RECYCLE!!!
What helpful action can your viewers take?
As i research i found something that cached my attention It said( Poor people tend to be less well educated (because they do not have the time and resources to obtain an education), and less politically powerful. Many people in Louisiana's Cancer Alley were never aware of the dangers of hazardous waste as industries started moving in. Many of them, after years of discrimination, are distrustful of politicians and public officials. Their land is cheap, and Louisiana provides the big industries with tax breaks, which appeal to companies looking at the bottom line.)Since industries started moving in the factories started to dump wastes in the water leaving them with less water resource and because they didnt understand what they were doing to their water they were drinking it causing them a lot of diseases this included (cancer,liver and kidney toxicity, and respiratory illness).

How is the issue connected to poverty?
06.02 What are Externalities?—Honors
Diana Norato
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