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This is Emma:)

No description

Emma Nguyen

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of This is Emma:)

pink minecraft ice cream soda juice pink pencil bahn xeo cromebooks phones i pads jumpers girls dresses water reading writing art talking shopping big eraser candy sleeping playing funbrain playing four square Ethan Allen Murdy playing glitter fun fast music school computer cotton candy apples grapes memory foam stuff outdoors field trips cruises malls Hello Kitty Christmas birthday hair

Snakes, worms, garbage, rats, stinkyness, walking a lot, slow music, blue, green, taking tests, black, brown, homework, orange, carrots, marshmallows, and Elmo.

Wake up, make bed, eat breakfast, watch t.v. brush teeth,and change clothes

clowns jokers stealing guy bad guys murderers strangers aliens zombies scary creatures
Natalie Elbert Angelina Elizabeth Lindsay Leah Grace My Whole Family myself Mrs. Mooney Mrs.Vu Mrs.Wells Mrs. DeMaria Crystal (piano teacher)
This is Emma:)
People I Like
People I don't Like
School Days
Wake up, make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth,
change clothes and go to school.

Things I don't like

Emma Lan Nguyen, 8 1/2 years old, April 30, 2006, girl, 3rd grade, Ethan Allen, Mrs. DeMaria, and Dr. Heughins
What I do at school

I put my backpack down and play spider. After
that, I line up and get in class. My teacher, Mrs. DeMaria teaches me all kinds of fun stuff. We have recess then lunch/recess. I learned some more then go home.

What I like to when I am bored

Play with ipad, sleep, write, read books, eat, ride my bike, play with stuffed animals, do chores, organize my room, and talk to my brother.
My Favorite Days in the
School Year

Walk-a-thon, Halloween Parade, Veteran's Day, Fall Recess, Non-student days, Winter Recess, Tet Festival, Spring Recess and Memorial Day.

What I Own

Pencil box, backpack, binder, desk, bed, clothes
stuffed animals, bike, piggy bank, hair brush, and
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