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Why we shouldn’t explore space

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Simon B.

on 25 October 2016

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Transcript of Why we shouldn’t explore space

Why We Shouldn’t Explore Space.
Reason 1: We Need to Finish Exploring Earth Because:
Some people on Earth still live in poverty and hunger. For instance, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that nearly 870 million people were suffering from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012. (#1)
There will be an energy crisis when we run out of natural gas.
We need to cure harmful diseases like cancer.
Reason 2: We Might Find Deadly Viruses and/or Hostile Species.

The same way there are deadly viruses on Earth there might be some on other planets. (Viruses on earth can be found at: www.mphonline.org/deadly-viruses; #2)
There is a man who researches U.F.O. crashes which means that some people think that other species may bring viruses. (#3)
One made up character from movies is a Borg from the science fiction movies Star Trek. What if we found one of these? I think it would cause a lot of trouble. (more info on Borg's at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg_(Star_Trek). (#4)

Reason 3: We Could Contaminate Other Planets.

An example: when settlers arrived in America, they brought new diseases which killed many Natives.
When spacesuits have multiple joints, they leak air and microorganisms which might spread.
Accidents like broken spacesuits or crashes of spaceships also let out microorganisms. It can contamine water and another planet, evolve to be harmful and return to harm us. (#5)

Are We Ready For Space Exploration?

Not yet.
By: Simon Bocoun
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