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Justin bieber

No description

Logan Bieber

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Justin bieber

Justin Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st 1994 12:56am, on a
rainy Tuesday, in St. Judes hospital London Ontario; 2 floor room #126, weighed 7.11, AB positive and he had Dr.Simon Bexleham. Justin
was an only child and when he
was 10 months old his parents got divorced, his mother had full custody of him. As he grew up
his single mom had taken care
of him in his home town; Stratford Ontario
Justin's mom would have some friends that would come over and they would be playing the guitar, drums and singing. When Justin was 2 he then learned how to play the drums, so when he turned 4 his mom bought him a drum set.
Justin's Family
Patricia Elizabeth Lynn Mallette

Jeremy Jack Bieber
Half bother-
Jaxon Juillian Bieber
Half sister-
Jazymn Kathleen Bieber
Justin's mom's friend's also inspired Justin to play the guitar and sing a little.
When he first started playing the guitar he would sit on the steps of the City Theatre in Stratforrd Ontario for everyone to hear him play. Justin's music career all started when Pattie (his mom) posted videos of Justin singing So Sick by Ne-yo, Fallin by Alicia Keys and Respect by Aretha Franklin , on youtube. She posted them because she wanted the rest of his family to see it. Once the videos were posted they started getting hits from strangers and request for more songs. Pattie then posted more videos of him singing. This guy watched Justin's videos and was very interested, he wanted to find him. He tried to get contact with him by the school, his friends, family and through YouTube. Pattie decided to call him and see what he wanted. His name was Scooter Braun. He invited Justin to Atlanta for a week to meet some of his record label friends. When they went there Usher was there and Justin was a big fan of him, Justin sang You Got It Bad by Usher, to Usher to show him how he could sing. Scooter then took Justin to meet L.A Reid and for Justin to sing for him. Everyone knew Justin was going to go far with his singing career, so Pattie and Justin moved to the states.
Justin now has made 5 albums
:My World 2.0
:Under the Mistletoe
:Believe Acoustic
He has made 61 songs
Baby, Boyfriend, Beauty and a Beat, Confident, Never Say Never, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, All That Matters, One Time, Heartbreaker, That Should Be Me, Gas Pedal, U Smile, Nothing Like Us, Never Let You Go, All Around the World, Eenie Meenie, Where Are You Now, Die in Your Arms, Somebody To Love, I Would, Home to Mama, Hold Tight, Favorite Girl, Catching Feelings, Where Are Ü Now, Overboard, Mistletoe, Next to You, Love Me Like You Do,
Be Alright, Born to Be Somebody, Runaway Love,
As Long As You Love Me, Power, Drummer Boy, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Down To Earth, Fall, Maria, Roller Coaster, PYD, Pray, Yellow Raincoat, Stuck In The Moment, Up, Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas, The Christmas Song, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Fa La La, Christmas Eve, All I Want Is You, Home This Christmas, Take You, Right Here, Thought Of You, Fall, One Love, Believe, Out Of Town Girl, She Don't Like The Lights.
The type of music Justin performs is
Pop and R&B.
Justin also has 2 movies.
When Justin first came out as an artist with songs like Baby and One Less Lonely Girl they were aimed towards teenage girls so they were usually about him getting a girl or losing one. Now as he is developed his music more with songs like Where Are You Now they are aimed still at teenagers but has a more mature approach to his music.
:2008//When Justin was 14 he moved to Atlanta
to start his music career
:2009//He was 15 when he realeased his first album (My World) 7 of his songs broke into the Billboard top 100 chart and the album went platinum
:2010//He went on his first international tour
:2010//He released his "Baby" music video with guest appearance of Drake and Ludaicris and his video is now the most watched YouTube video and today had over 1million views
:2011//He made his 3D Never Say Never movie
:2011//He won he first Juno Award
:2013//He was the youngest artist to have five number 1 albums
Significant Events
Justin's Style
Justin's style is classy and trending, he likes
to keep up to date with his fashion. Justin likes to wear t-shirts with some designs on it. He mostly wears jeans and he like to sag them and show off his Calvin klien boxers. Justin also, most of the time wears hats.
Justin's favourite shoes are Supra's, so thats the brand he mostly wears. Justin is always wearing a chain; either a dog tag or just a chain. He also wears a watch.
Belieber; One who is an obbsesive fan of
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber calls his fan beliebers. Beliebers age from 5-15 (mostly).
Most of the younger kids love him for his singing and most of the older kids love him for his looks and body.
Fun facts
-nicknames; JB, Biebz, JBiebz or The Kid Rahul
-eye colour; brown
-instruments; guitar, piano, drums and trumpet
-hidden talent; can solve a rubik's cube in under a minute
-fav t.v show; smallville
-fav movie; Rocky
-fav food; spaghetti
-fav colour; purple
-best friends; Ryan Butler & Chaz Summers
-likes;sports and his mac computer
-dislikes; ugg boots and chocolate
-hobbies; skateboarding, ice hockey and football
-pets; dog (papillon pooch) named Sammy who just died December 11 2014
-fears; confined spaces and large crowds

What i admire about Justin Bieber is his singing, i love all of his songs; i also admire his looks, he is very attractive.

I love his singing because he is a very good singer and i love his songs, espically That Should Be me, Where Are You Now, Be Alright and I Would.

I love his looks beacuse, i love his new blonde hair, all his tattos, his abs, his muscles, his face and his personality.

Although Justin has gotten into trouble a couple times, he's still my favorite and i still love him :)
That Should Be Me
I chose That Should Be Me for a significant song because when i see pictures of someone with Justin like Selena Gomez or Kendall Jenner or Hailey Baldwin i think of that song because "that should be me" with him insted of them :( I also chose this song because i like it.
Although Justin has gotten into trouble a couple times like when he was racing and go charged for D.U.I and crashed his ATV into someones mini van and when he peed in a mop bucket at a restaurant and when he egged his neighbors house and crashed a high school prom and got kicked out of coachella, he will always be my favorite singer and i will always love him :)
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