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Circle of Pong

No description

Jennifer Lima

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Circle of Pong

Circle of Pong!
You are trapped on a tropical island! Your friend gets stuck in the middle of a lava pit and you have to save them!

The materials that you have to work with are...
2 Paper Clips
4 Rubber Bands
30 cm String
1 Paper Bag
1 Sheet of paper
1 index card
5cm Tape
The Scenario:
• 3 cups in the middle of the circle
• 3 attempts with your device to get the Ping-Pong ball into the cups.
o Smallest =10 points.
o Medium = 9 points.
o Large = 8 points.
• Your score for each round will be added up to get your total score; therefore, the maximum amount of points that you can receive is 30 points.
• If you do not receive at least 24 points from the three rounds, don’t worry; you will still have an opportunity B on the project by answering an extra question on the worksheet.
The challenge
May not touch the ping pong ball with your hands
All members of the group must have a task in delivering the ball
No part of the body may reach in into the 6foot diameter area
The ball must come to rest in one of the containers to receive full credit
The ball may not be damaged in the process
The Rules
Create a contraption with the materials provided to deliver a ping pong ball into 3 containers of varying sizes.
You do not need to use all materials
You may only use the materials provided
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