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HB Campaign

An overview of what this course will cover.

kayla Griffin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of HB Campaign

Perfection from every angle Executive summary Conducted both quantitative and qualitative research

Fishing industry expected to grow

Double sales within the next three years

Main goal to increase factory visits
SWOT Strengths Use best materials for highest quality

Loyal customers, 60% being repeat customers

Strong media connection and involvement Weaknesses Some people are not aware of new ownership

Elitist feel of brand may be a turn off to some

Fly fishing is a niche market

Opportunities Potential to expand social marketing

Involvement in environmental movement

New markets Threats Current and new competition

Downturn of economy on fishing industry

Current environmental issues may threaten supply of fish
Primary Research Hell’s Bay Customer Appreciation Day
in Daytona Beach
Social Media Aimed to Discover Lifestyles Primary Research Fishing Habits Opinions Primary Research Results Do you currently own a skiff?
38 owned a skiff
6 owned a Hell’s Bay
Tertiary Market

Make up 30% of current sales

High-end, wealthy males ages 35- 60

Less avid fishers

Desire to own the best

Yacht Owners Secondary Market Range in age and income

All share same profession and passion

Brand ambassadors
Shallow Water Fishing Guides
Primary Market High-end, wealthy males ages 35-60

Range from retired to current professionals

Fishing enthusiasts

Appreciate owning the best of every category
Meet Skip Wallace Touch Points Brands Influences “ I’d rather fish than eat.”

“Fly fishing is a lifetime sport.
You learn something new every time.”

“ Nature is a great teacher.”
Beliefs Marketing Perfection from Every Angle
To create a vision of opportunity

To position the brand image as being the elite in shallow-water skiffs

Reduce potential for buyer's remorse
Advertising Objectives Primary Market Drive factory visits

Ensure that consumers feel part of the Hell’s Bay “fraternity”
Brand-image print advertising with a specific call to action

“Perfection from Every Angle”

Search engine optimization

Outdoor floor graphic
Secondary Market Objective
To stress the durability and high value of Hell’s Bay products Direct mail

Magazine ads

Online database of fishing guides
Tertiary Market To position Hell’s Bay boats as high-quality tenders to go on yachts

Advertise with Yachting Magazine’s monthly e-newsletter

Outdoor floor graphic at yacht show

Mailed to fishing guides in the Southeast

Advertise the discounts guides will receive

Stress the durability and high value of Hell’s Bay boats
Guide’s Pamphlet Advertising Executions Floor graphic Online Commercial Public Relations
Hell’s Bay Day should represent high quality of the products and the brand

High-end hotel or resort

Include vendors and speakers

Hell's Bay Day Customer Appreciation Event Mixer type event held at the hotel

More private and exclusive atmosphere

Hor d'ouvres catered by hotel
Yacht Shows International Yacht and Jet Show

Discuss Pirates of the Flats

Bring Hell's Bay information to yacht owners and spark interest in fly fishing
Coffee Table Books Long-lasting impact

Given to potential customers

Reflect the quality of Hell’s Bay boats and brand
Media Evaluating Success
Media Flow Chart How familiar are you with Hell's Bay's products? Target Markets All target markets include Baby Boomers

Higher annual HHI
Pay premium prices for premium goods
Buy American-made
Buy familiar brands Primary Target Market Secondary Market Tertiary Market Encourage factory visits
Aggressive traditional efforts
Relaxed follow ups
Survey Card Communicate durability
Guide discounts
Direct mail Status symbol
Yacht shows
Online advertising Scientifically engineered
Crafted to be the best
Unrivaled, superior ride every time
Quiet and maneuverable Creative Inspiration Most important factors when considering a boat: (Number of Top 3 Rankings)

Quality: 38
Physical Characteristics/Features: 27
Reputation: 15
Previous Experience: 15
Price: 14
Customization: 12
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