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CDB Reflections on Global Exchanges

No description

Julie Jenkins

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of CDB Reflections on Global Exchanges

Reflections on Global Exchanges
-produced at the interface of Jamaican experiences of racism and global marginalisation
-exported through processes of globalization
-then "localized" in new sets of meaning, experieces, etc
How does Rastafari manifest itself in Cuba?
How is Rastafari & reggae localized within a Tanzanian context?
What happens when Rastafarian symbols are appropriated by Protestant gospel reggae artists?
Or a Hasidic Jew?
What are the main concerns of Rasta that have repatriated to Ethiopia?
--oppositional discourses and practices do not necessarily automatically mean freedom
--are situated in and emanate from unequal positions of power
-constrained agency
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