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Why is car exhaust a problem to the enviroment?-

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Stephen Pace

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of Why is car exhaust a problem to the enviroment?-

What is car exhaust? -
Exhaust gas is a gas emitted through a combustion process. The exhaust gas is actually a combination of many different gases: N2, CO2, H2O and O2. Though some are harmless, there are few that are harmful and are considered major pollutants. One of the most dangerous of these is CO, carbon monoxide.
effects of car exhaust
1. yes

sources in order
Solutions to the problem of how car exhaust affecting the enviroment
1. Use public mode of transportation: Encourage people to use more and more public modes of transportation to reduce pollution. Also, try to make use of car pooling. If you and your colleagues come from the same locality and have same timings you can explore this option to save energy and money. 2. Conserve energy: Switch off fans and lights when you are going out. Large amount of fossil fuels are burnt to produce electricity. You can save the environment from degradation by reducing the amount of fossil fuels to be burned.
Stephen Pace period 5
Why is car exhaust a problem to the enviroment?-
Solutions continued
3. Umderstand the concept of reduce reuse and recycle: Do not throw away items that are no use to you. In fact reuse them for some other purpose
4. Emphasis on clean energy resources: Clean energy technologies like solar, wind and geothermal are on high these days. Governments of various countries have been providing grants to consumers who are interested in installing solar panels for their home. This will go a long way to curb air pollution.
5. Use energy efficient devices: CFL lights consume less electricity as against their counterparts. They live longer, consume less electricity, lower electricity bills and also help you to reduce pollution by consuming less energy.
1. google.com (for the definition of car exhaust)
2. google.com/images (for the model pic of the car exhaust pipe
3. http://tunza.eco-generation.org/editorPhoto/car_11.gif

Questions -

Can we make a difference?-

How long will take to stop car exhaust that is harming the enviroment?-

why does carbon dioxide ahere or connect to the oxygen molecule than any other gas?-
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