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Orientation Welcome Loop 12-13

No description

Brad Zuniga

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Orientation Welcome Loop 12-13

Chico CA
Orland CA
Student Artwork
Tech Room Black Box Theater
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Fall 2011
"Slap That Canvas"
Butte College Black Box Theater
Driving Simulators
Fire Tower
Driving Course
Fire Training
Fire Academy
Gun range
Chico Center
Chico Center
Chico Center Lobby
Skyway Center
Auto Shop
Auto Shop
Glenn County Center
Glenn County Center
Green Building
Picnic Area
Green House
Sport Fields
Butte College Football
Butte College Women's Volleyball
Butte College Baseball
Solar Phase I
Solar Phase II
Solar Phase III
Earth Day Event
AS Holiday Bash
Fireside Debate Event
Fireside Debate Event
SAS Lobby
Bus Terminal
SAS Building
SAS Lobby
Butte College Main Campus
Upper Wildlife Refuge
Upper Wildlife Refuge
Periodic Table
Lower Wildlife Refuge
Butte College Main Campus
Lower Wildlife Refuge
LRC Construction
Murals outside of LRC
Student Constructed Fountain
Learning Resource Center
Center for Academic Success
Life Science Lawn
Life Science Lawn
Butte College President
Dr. Samia Yaqub
Did You Know Butte College Has Over 25,000 Solar Panels?
Butte College Forensics
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