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F2F Upper Unit 8 - I'm broke

No description

Go English Live

on 21 July 2017

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Transcript of F2F Upper Unit 8 - I'm broke

Dealing with money
What do you consider a good investment?
Let's talk about imaginary situations
I wish you'd stop asking me about the accident?
Let's look at more examples.
I wish I knew where to find him.
Have you ever borrowed money?
Unit 8 - Money problems
Is it better to have cash or credit?
Have you ever gotten into debt?
How much time would you need to get out of debt?
Do you ever pay cash for anything?
What is a credit rating?
Do you have a saving's account or a current account?
My parents
The Bank
I wish you were coming to help me.
You can also say...
I wish- If only
If only I could get another job?
I hope you come to my wedding.
Tell me about things that annoy you?
Junk mail
TV adverts
Call centers
Phrasal Verbs
Two word verbs
Literal or Non-literal
Separable or non-separable
Two word verbs
To pay back
To take out
To go out
To save up
Please use them in context.
To call
I called him up.
To call up
I called him up
Very literal
I ripped my jeans.
She ripped off the hotel guest.
Completely different
Let me explain what a separable verb is.
We place the object pronoun in the middle.
She took 30 dollars off the price.
She took off 30 dollars
She took it off the price.
I'm sorry about it
I'm sorry for arriving late.
I can't believe I missed the appointment.
More examples
I wish I knew how to cook paella.
I hope they can have a break soon.
I should have phoned my father.
The end
Role play
From who?
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