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HBBTV2.0 User stories

No description

Jason Davis

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of HBBTV2.0 User stories

Issue: four steps to access first VOD show tiles (current app is 3 steps). Needs to be reduced.
HBBTVv2.0 sitemap
Second level- Sub-categories (Channels)
Red Button
Just added
Most viewed
Expiring soon
Top level - Main categories
Second level - Sub-categories
Third level - Shows
and Away
Show 1
Show 3
Show 4
Show 5
Season 28
Fourth level - Seasons
Fifth level - Episodes
Episode 6133
Episode xxx
Episode xxx
Episode xxx
Episode xxx
Episode xxx
Season 27
Season 26
Season 25
Season 1*
Season 2
* Doubt we will make all seasons available
Inbound channel's tile at centre position with focus
Tiles wrap to fill all positions
Order to be maintained: 7, 7Two, 7Mate, 7Outdoors, 7Living, HMeTV
Key left-right:
rotates tiles
Key up:
focus back to man nav bar channel tiles remain until category changed
Key down (or OK):
"opens" 7Mate category - displays shows on 7Mate - next state
User has keyed down (or OK) to "open"
Sub-categories load in main nav bar.
Secondary "parent" nav bar appears above main nav bar - main nav bar moves down.
Key left-right:
rotates main nav bar
Key up:
back to previous state
Key down (or OK):
User has keyed down (or OK) to "open" Drama
Images load with focus on centre image
Show at centre is first show in category (alphabetically). Images wrap to fill all positions (if available)
Key left-right:
rotates image carousel
Key up:
focus returns to main nav bar but images remain visible until category changed
Key down or OK:
"opens" Show - next state
User has keyed down (or OK) to select show
Seasons load into main nav bar with focus on current season. Previous seasons should be at left of centre in reverse chron order (not as pictured)
Parent category secondary nav bar should also be shown with parent category "Home and Away" at centre (not as pictured),
Sneak Peaks and Extras tiles shown on right of centre (if available)
Show-level synopsis loaded below episodic image carousel. Metadata shown should not be duplicated (Season and Episode data should not be shown in Synopsis area as pictured)
Key left-right:
rotates main nav bar
Key up:
Parent category loaded into main nav bar from secondary nav bar

Key down (or OK):
focus moves to Episode tile - next state

User has keyed down to select episode
Focus moves to most recent episode - displays
icon and pointer
Synopsis panel refreshes to show episode synopsis (again, don't display duplicate metadata as we do in this image)
Key left-right:
rotates image carousel - focus stays centred but synopsis metadata refreshes
Key up:
Focus moves back to main nav bar but episode images remain until season changed
Key down or OK:
plays fullscreen video
User has keyed left to
Key left-right:
rotates nav bar
Key up: no action
Key down (or OK):
"opens" Genres category
User has Pressed the red button
is default position
Broadcast is PiP
Key left-right:
rotates nav bar
Key up:
Key down (or OK):
"opens" Channels category
Secondary "parent" nav bar appears above main nav bar - main nav bar moves down.
Default position is
with current show ET at centre position
Key left-right:
rotates nav bar
Key up:
loads parent category into main nav bar (moves up a category)
Key down (or OK):
category - next state
Sun ?? March
Continues for 1 week?
Continues for 1 week?
Show on now
Show n+1
Continues to midnight?
Focus moves to current show ET
Key left-right:
rotates ET carousel
Key up:
focus moves to main nav bar - image tiles remain visible until category changes
Key down (or OK):
opens Show
Continues until midnight?
Show n+2
Journey now at show level - same as at left, except:
Current episode is at centre position - no "play" button visible as episode is still playing.
Journey 1 - Channels
Journey 2 - VOD
Third level- Days
Fourth level- Hours (mini-EPG)
Missing: Data warning/load indicator when Plus 7 first loads
Issue: two steps to view mini-EPG (current app is 0 steps)
Recommendation: load tiles as soon as focus is on category to aid discoverability.

Channels: channel tiles
Genres: default position probably "featured"
Featured: Show list
A-Z: "ABC" subcat
Most viewed: Do we want this? If so, Show list
Just added: Show list
Expiring soon: Show list

Missing: no design for "New" or "Last Chance" chips on episodics.
No TX date metadata, no availability metadata
Recommendation: use TX date "March 19" as label, move ep number to synopsis panel if available. If not a broadcast show - use ep number.
Sneak Peek and Extras to be subcategories on season level
Consider: "tick" to indicate watched videos
Missing: Search UX and workflows
Issue: if "Search" is top-level category, user can't access it from anywhere.
Recommend it be accessed via yellow
Missing: A-Z UX and workflows
Issue: if "Search" is yellow button or "home" - no button for "Sort/filter" - may not be needed
Missing: Design for loading graphic
Missing: Design for player and controls, including play head and ad markers
Issue: user would expect to select shows to see catch-up VOD but this isn't available for most shows
Recommendation: visual indicator highlight to indicate shows with VOD episodes.
Recommendation: press down or OK shows panel with episode metadata
FN: What data is this? Where does it come from?
Forward EPG: If broadcast schedule, can the user click on this tile, and where does it go? If can't click on it, what visual cues is user given to know it is just a tv guide and can't click for more info?
Backward EPG: If this is catch up, having reference to times is problematic? Where is this data coming from? Catch up schedule is still human made currently and changes frequently. It does not come out of IBMS as a feed. Content is missing from HbbTV catch up on a daily basis. Is this a curated list or auto?
FN: see comments above. Journey from this page to Episode page does not work for broadcast content in future EPG.
Fran note: Agree that key art should appear on first load in all pages, even when focus is still on highest level, i.e. Genres.
Most viewed: Where is this data coming from?
JD: yes, this is new - not sure it's needed

FN: Agreed, search as yellow button would be better than 'Sort/Filter'. In current app, 'Sort/Filter' is a pretty useless function.
When press yellow, what would happen? Would the screen remain PIP with same structure or would another page appear?
JD: I think above central image carousel remains as-is - panel below changes to search interface - TBC
FN: When you key up from this state, do you go back to the genre page?
Does user just key up and down to access the next level, no OK?
JD: we should allow OK too
What happens when Sneak Peeks (incorrect in the design, it is Peeks) or Extras is selected?
JD: State would be similar to state below - Sneak Peeks VOD tile in centre, any other SP tiles at left. Extras tile at right of centre? Need to allow for multiple Sneak Peeks, I think
Also need to use some real metadata, like real Show and Episode synopsis to work out how much space there is etc.
FN: Does the red button 'hide' the app or does it exit the app completely?
JD: Standard says it must exit.
Missing: designs for limited number of ETs in carousel, and repositioning
Just Added and Expiring Soon to show episodes - no show categorisation. Ordered by push date
Whay is focus highlight different?
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