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The survivors of the nazi ghetto first hand accounts.

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Daniel Falgie

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The survivors of the nazi ghetto first hand accounts.

Survivors of the Holocaust The survivors of nazi ghettos By: Daniel Falgie Freda revisits Auschwitz She went back to Auschwitz after 30 years of living in the united kingdom after WWII. She was sent to Auschwitz after hiding as a jew in France. She then was brought to Auschwitz and lost the rest of her family to the gas chambers. she then survived in the camp by digging trenches and staying physically healthy and was able to survive until the camp was liberated by the allies. Greenblatt He says food was everything and he and his father left and came back. The polish police let them leave and come back to get food. Then the ghetto was sealed. He and his father made business in the ghetto by him as a child leaving through a small drain pipe coming back with food eating some and selling the rest. Sabina Szwarc The Germans invaded Poland and Sabina was trapped in her town. Her father gave up the business that they owned and they went to go live in a ghetto. When their ghetto was being liquified their polish friend got her and here sister an id card. she remained incognito until 1945 when the americans liberated here town. She then left for the united states and became an ophthalmologist. A few survivors from the plonsk ghetto They came into the camp and would take people by the train car by 2 thousand to 2 thousand 5 hundred per car. they would then take the trains to Auschwitz the biggest of all the nazi work camps and work you to death or gas you. Survivors of the Vilna ghetto. the ghetto life in vilna was one of the better ones the parents still struggled to provide food for their young and tried to smuggle. Life for the children was a lot easier. the children were able to go to school and they had a library and and active theater and all the families lived in small apartments.
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