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Visual Analysis and Presentation

No description

Lisa Procter

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Visual Analysis and Presentation

Visual Analysis and Presentation
I have left the room. There is some shouting – but I suppose that the children will manage to come to a decision and so I stay seated outside… Cathy comes out in tears; she tells me that they are not listening to her ideas. I ask her what her ideas are. She tells me that she thought the den should move through a range of colours from blue to light blue to yellow. She says that: ‘blue is when you’re being bullied, the light blue is when it is getting sorted out and yellow is when it is over and everything is alright’. I tell her that I think that is a great idea. I ask her what everyone else wants to do. She says that they just want to do it all blue. I suggest that she write her idea down on the paper provided and then when I come in later we can decide which ideas will be chosen… I ask if that is OK, she tells me it is and she returns to the room. Soon after, I hear Cheryl shout out. I decide to go into the room. I ask them how things are going. Some of the children tell me that it was Cheryl. Lionel and Didier say that Cathy is trying to lead… Cathy starts crying; again she tells me that she is not being listened to... Alexandra tells me that they have already decided on the colours. She tells me that they are going to have a dark blue and a yellow section – much like what has been suggested by Cathy. Cathy still seems to be getting frustrated. She demands, ‘but I have been bullied so I should know’… Katie suggests that Cathy write her idea down on the paper and then we can have a vote… [Later in the workshop] the children agree to use all of the ideas.
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