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Kellie kells

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of GoGeoTech

Everywhere we go, 1 in 5 own a tablet device in 2011
1.5 million tablets used in classrooms
More than 50,000 free lectures, videos, and books already available.
77% of young people ages 12-17 have cellphones (Pew Research Center).
Teaching organization, Student engagement, Student assessment Solving-Skills Evidence of Problem
Geography teacher meeting during our off period and discussed ideas.
We configured a lesson to teach, created a quiz and a survey.
Modern technology Apps were used to aid students in improving their geography skills.
We used an iPad, created a website, and a Prezi to integrate technology theme. Free with all licenses And so do our Portable devices our ideas travel with us. Children adapt to the device.
Tablets are great devices for reading, viewing,listening, communicating, and problem-solving.
Use it to replace paper agendas, notes.
Substitute for desktop and laptop computers. Evidence of Research professional-templates, At Prezi, we believe that Big Ideas change the world can Adam Somlai Fisher idea big was created by an architect with his own fine artist and Prezi Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all. The company has been cash-flow positive since year one. people are now using Prezi More than 16 million From Budapest To San Francisco fun engaging and To make sharing ideas more Peter Arvai CEO Peter Halacsy CTO Adam Somlai Fischer
Founder 2 new prezis every second! TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission: helping people share great ideas. In 2011, Prezi raised a Series B financing led by Accel Partners. Unparalleled product innovation millions of reusable prezis. redesigned user-interface, 3D capabilities, Andrea Rios, Kellie Cubias, Neyda Aguilar

Academy Hospitality

Jack E. Singley Academy

Irving TX,

Region 3

GoGeoTech Table of Contents Planning Process..................................... 3-4
Relationship to FCS................................. 7-9
Evidence of Research.............................. 10-13
Evidence of Problem Solving Skills........ 14-17
Evidence of Apply Academics................. 19-21
Evidence of Research............................... 22-32
Works Cited............................................... 33-35 Identifying Concerns Planning Process Set Your Goals We need to form a plan to utilize modern technology such as iPads, tablets, iPhone or smart phones, for education. Our purpose is to address new methods to learn. We would like to develop a modern technology strategy that would benefit family consumer sciences and improve learning skills. Identifying Concerns Works Cited Evidence of Applied Academics Relationship to Family and Consumer Sciences Decision Making- After creating lesson plans, we split up responsibilities to our group members, and chose to work on them during Thanksgiving break and during our off periods.
During the break we created a website, Prezi, and researched different apps involving geography. Time Management- Problem Solving- Human Relation Skills- Appropriate Grooming and Appearance- Stimulating Learning Environment(Ipad)- Relevancy and Planning- Technology cannot always be trusted to work all the time.
Create alternate solutions. Presented our ideas to the class we had to be as professional as possible and follow school guidelines.
The students could download the apps we mentioned on their iPad or smart phone. Dress for Success Wednesday iPads are becoming very popular in school .
Show how modern technology like iPads and Tables can also be used for school rather than just social networking and fun games. The Hospitality course includes keeping up with the latest trends.
Using this method, students would be more engaged to learn in this kind of environment. Facts Apollo and Daviess County high schools, will trade laptops for approximately 120 new Apple, Lenovo or Dell tablet devices.
(Megan Harris)
Barry Brantley, an associate professor of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management at Delgado Community College mentioned that "Our education environment is rapidly changing. I believe these compelling additions to our teaching process will assist us in keeping content fresh, entertaining and engaging for our students." Quotes Social Studies
World Geography Culinary and Hospitality Situation #1 Problem: Solutions: Situation #2 Problem: Solutions: Possible Consequence: Not every student owns a tablet or a smart phone. Students will be divided into small groups, in which one has a tablet device, while others are tasked with different responsibilities. Teachers have to be mindful not to separate students who don't have one. Students can share the device.
Students can take turns. Objective 1: Students will take a survey
Students will answer questions about their application usage.

Objective 2: Students will use their knowledge to answer a pre-quiz we provided.
Without using technology, students will test their comprehension on world geography.

Objective 3: Students will experiment with World Geography Applications
They will be allowed to download Geography related applications that they feel will increase their ability to learn. For instance, World Geography Trivia.

Objective 4: Students will demonstrate an understanding of countries' information.
In this step, they will be able to use the provided apps, such as games and quizzes, to memorize countries' population, language, climate and their capitals.

Objective 5: Students will test their ability of what they learned.
They will take a small quiz and compare their results. Planning Process Integrating to Geography It was a challenge to connect to the internet. Check for viruses.
Find a Wi-Fi connection
Update software With many devices using bandwidth with the same network connection will decrease the speed.
Some Wi-Fi connections ask for a security code. Evidence of Research Website for Apps Communication- We also used our communication and presentation skills to teach freshman with World Geography and Hospitality courses.
Communicate with teachers. Worked efficiently and productively together to accomplish our individual assigned goals
Chose roles that worked well with our strengths.
Advisers meeting and created a quiz
Teamwork: running the Ipad , organizing the prezi and website, and on the portfolio. "My education becomes something I walk around with in my pocket," Eston Melton, (Assistant principal at West Potomac High School). Possible Consequence: Prepare and update all programs before hand and make sure to connect to the school's network. Final Solution: Final Solution: Teamwork- Irving ISD Students are given a laptop Integrating to Culinary and Hospitality Step 1: Students will relate World Geography with Culinary and Hospitality
With what they have learned from World Geography, students will compare and contrast the two subjects.

Step 2: Students will understand how World Geography relates to tourism
For instance, tourism consist of location and climate.

Step 3: Students will demonstrate an understanding of world cuisine.
Each country has their own traditional plate, therefore students will learn about nutrition and culture in each country.

Step 4: Students will learn how location can determine food plantation.
For example, flat moist land fields will have better soil than rocky dry desserts in the Middle East. Photo Gallery Best Applications Who? Neyda , Kellie, Andrea
What? Teach freshman students a new way to learn Geography.
Where? Jack E. Singley Academy
When? February 13 and April 11
Why? Show how technology can improve learning
How? Using IPads, tablets and smartphones. Planning Process Forming a Plan With the help of our instructor and our teammates, we made sure mistakes were corrected for the final draft. Find a solution to our technical problems.
Create a survey.
Create a website. Follow Up Planning Process Act
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