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Playground Supervision

No description

Stacey Enyart

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Playground Supervision

Playground Supervisor
Training Key Purpose of Supervision is to insure safety. SupervisionConsumer Product Safety Commission statistics estimate Nearly 200,000 playground related injuries occur each year that require emergency room visits in the US.

Nearly 40% of those injuries related to Inadequate supervision. Playground injuries account for the majority of school - related injuries that occur. Most Injuries Occur on:
Monkey Bars
Climbers Quality supervision can reduce injuries from interaction, thus have a significant influence in reducing overall playground injuries.
- Bruya & Wood Types of injuries

– Self inflicted
– Equipment related
– Interaction with others You could be assigned supervision zones
– Grass
– Play structures
– Blacktop areas– (Min. one adult per zone recommended)

Supervisors should not be organizing games.

Supervisors should delay adult conversations until after recess. Know playground Rules and Procedures

Be Prepared.

Arrive with first aid kit.

Always precede children to playground. Check Playground for hazards.

Broken glass
Broken equipment

if Necessary and report Hazards Be Alert
– Move through assigned area
– Visually scan constantly
– Pay close attention to play structures area RECESS Just an example of something that may occur..... Behavior Problems

– Make eye contact in anticipation of potential problems

– Move close to students in event of likely confrontation

– Give verbal warning

– Be firm in enforcing rules

– INTERVENE and stop inappropriate behavior. During Recesss
Be concerned with the safety of all childrens
Do NOT engage in game activities with students.
Do NOT engage in conversation with children. Keep comments brief.
Stay focused on scanning playground. Do NOT allow running on blacktop.
Discourage rough and tumble play (this usually ends in confrontations).
Bullying requires intervention from other school personnel. Report to administrator. NEVER leave your area unsupervised.

Send child for assistance or use walkie-talkie to call office. Do not allow children to wear clothing with attached strings (ie, sweatshirt cords).

–This causes a risk of strangulation if caught in equipment. KEEP KIDS SAFE
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