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Input Devices

No description

mohammed uddin

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Input Devices

Input Devices
An input device is a piece of hardware that is used to enter data into computer.

There are lots of different types of input devices, which are split into two categories: Manual input device and Automatic input devices.
The keyboard is the most commonly used input device. It is made up of buttons called 'keys' .
Most keyboard are called QWERTY keyboard. The name coms from the first six letters on the top row of the alphabet keys.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Keyboard
Most computers come with keyboards.
A skilled typer can enter data very quickly.
It's easier to make mistakes when typing data.
A mouse is also another common input device. A mouse is also called a 'pointing device' because it enables you to control what happens on the screen by moving the mouse on your desk.
A mouse usally has two buttons a left and a right button and a central wheel.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mouse
Ideal for use with desktop computer.
Works well in conjunction with a keybord for data entry
They need a flat place close close to the computer.

A touchpad is an input device which is usally found on a laptop.

A laptop is meant to be portable therefore a touchpad is used in place of a mouse because people aren't always able to plug in the traditional mouse.

By dragging your finger over the surface of the touchpad, sensors underneath detect the movement direction and spped.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Touchpad
Very short finger movemnet is require to move the cursor.
Pads position is fixed
Gloves cannot be worn when using the touchpad
Joysticks were originally used by pilots as part of the aeroplanes controls. Now technology has developed you are able to use a joytsick while playing computer games to give you a life like experiance.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Joy
This gives better experiance for racing and flying games.
Some find joysticks hard to control
Joysticks can break easily
Concept Keyboard
A concept keyboard is a flat board that contains a grid of buttons. Each button can be programmed to do whatever you want.

Concept keyboards are used when fast input is needed. Checkout tills such as McDonalds use symbols to make ordering faster and easier.
Concept keyboards are particularly useful for people who would find using an ordinary keyboard difficult.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Concept Keyboard
It is waterproof.
Much faster for making non text selections as menus.
Limited to options on keyboard.
Poor for text or numeric input

Touch Screen
A touch screen is the only device which works as both an input and an output device.
Touch screens are easy to use and often found in public places such as cashpoints and banks
Advantages and Disadvantage of a Touch screen
Easy to use
No extra peripherals needed like mouses and keyboards.
Not very accurate
Tiring to use over a long period of time.
Scanner can be used t turn images and text into digital format that can be used by the computer

There are three types of scanners
Flatbed scanner
Handheld scanner
Specialist scanner
Advantage and Disadvantage of a Scanner
Flatbed scanners are very accurate
Images can be enhanced once digitaised using graphics applications.
Images produced by sacnner can take up a lot of memory.
The quality of digitised image is dependant on quality of original image.
Graphics Tablet
Using a graphic tablet, a designer can produce much more accurate drawrings on the screen than they could with a mouse.

A graphics tablet consists of a flat bad on which you draw with a special pen.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Graphics Tablet
A great level of accuracy can be achieved.
It is much more natural to drawdiagrams with.
Graphic tablets are muchmore exspensive than a mouse.

A microphone can be used to input sound.
The sound is detected by the the microphone and transmitted to t he computer.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Microphone
It is easy to use.
It can be interrupted.

A webcam is an input device because it capture a video image of what's in front of it.
Common uses of webcam are:

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Webcam
you can see people face to face, you can reunite with poeple.
Webcams can help family members stay connected
Webcams can be hacked
Some webcams have poor picture quality
barcode reader
Barcode Reader
Barcode readers are classed as automatic input devices
The barcode is a series of vertical bars of varying widths that give information about:
The country of manufactuure
The product code
The name of manufacture
Advantages and Disadvantages of Barcode Readers
Using barcode scanners reduces rates of human error.
Barcode scanners help users keep track of inventory.
They can break down

Optical Mark Reader
They detect the prescense of your pencil mark by reflecting light on it.less light is reflected on where a mark is made.
Then OMR interprets the pattern of marks and stores it on the computer.
Advantage and Disadvantage of OMR
Fast method for inputting large amount of data.
Only one computer is needed to collect and process data.
only suitable for selecting one of a selection of answers.
Some marks may not be read properly.

Optical Charecter Recognition
An OCR system consists of a normal scanner and some special software.The scanner is used to scan text on a document or a piece of paper into the computer and then the ocr examines the pages and changes itinto a form that can be editted.
Advantags and Disdvanantages of OCR
Cheaper than paying someone.
Much faster than somebody manually entering the text.
They are not always 100% accurate
Not worth doing for small amounts of texts.
Magnetic Strip Reader
Magnetic strip reader are found on the back of most credit cards, member ship and loyalty cards.
The magnetic strip can hold personal details such as account number and name and are stored magnetically.
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Magnetic Strip Reader
Simple and easy to use
Cards are inexspensive to produce

Very little storage capacity for data
Data can be destroyed by strong magnetic fields

Remote Controls
A remote is a handsheld device which is used to control a machiene from a short distance away.

Examples of use for remote controls:
Music systems
Lighting systems
Heating systems
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Remote Control
Portable and easy to use

Can be easily lost
Batteries need to be replaced regularly

Biometric Devices
Finger and retinal identification are being used in many places now and even facial recogntion is being introduced now.

Special devices are needed to capture the biometric data which is then passed onto the computer for processing and identification
Advantages and Disadvantages of Biometric Devices
Very conveniant
Very secure
No passwords to remember

Biometric devices can be hacked
Injuries can lead to faulse biometrics
sensors are used to detect physical quantaties outside a computer such as light, light temperature and pressure.
They collect data automatically and transmit it to the computer or store it for a period of time
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