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Dogs shouldn't be euthanized for biting someone

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Haley LeMerise

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Dogs shouldn't be euthanized for biting someone

Dogs shouldn't be euthanized for biting someone
Natural Instincts
UNfair Accusations
Every single year, animals are unfairly accused and ordered by the court to be put down. The picture below, displays a man from Montreal, saying goodbye for the very last time to his pitbull, Wicca, who was being sentenced by the court to be put down. Based on www.cbc.com, the man's lawyer, Elaine Rosenberg, said that sentencing animals without proof is too easy, which should concern all dog owners. The dog was accused of biting a woman, and an ambulance technician, although the technician later claimed that the dog had not actually harmed him at all. The man said that the Quebec Superior Court judge would not even glance at his side of the story. The shelter where the dog was sent to, ended up refusing to euthanize the dog, and did not agree with the court's ruling.
Better Solutions
Color coded leashes have been created in an effort to prevent unnecessary dog bites and to help warn strangers whether a dog is safe to approach. Red leashes mean that a dog is unsafe, orange means that it is friendly with other people but not animals, and the green leash means that the dog is safe to approach with other pets and people. The leashes are available to purchase on dogspired.com
UNjust Judgement
Dogs cannot be fairly judged as people can, because they cannot defend themselves. A person's word over an animals is always going to be so much more powerful, because a dog cannot go into court and tell their story. People wouldn't end someones life because they stole something or got a parking ticket. But for a dog, merely defending themselves could mean that they are sentenced to death. Just because a dog bites someone, doesn't mean that they should just automatically be put down. This also isn't a solution to the issue, killing an animal doesn't prevent any bites in the future and is a short term fix to a long term problem.
According to debate.org, 4.5 million Americans are nipped by a dog each year, but only 1/5 people require any medical attention, and even in that situation, injuries are minimal. Many people will also make their complaints stating that the dog randomly attacked, when in reality, that is almost never the case. A dog needs a reason, whether being provoked or defending itself. The situations surrounding these incidents should always be investigated to know who it really is to blame.
Many people argue against this case, saying that dogs do not have a conscience and that once they attack someone they will do it again.
Also, according to debate.org, many people claim that it is impossible for a dog to be fully rehabilitated. However, many rescue dogs for police and volunteer corporations have been dogs who were once in therapy and centers.
Think about it......
Dogs are creatures who are devoted and loving to their owners. They should not be punished for their instinct to protect themselves. When I asked my grandpa his opinion on the matter, he gave me his wise advice saying, "People who think dogs should be euthanized for biting someone, are simply barking up the wrong tree."
Dogs are creatures who naturally avoid confrontation. They also gives warning cues, such as baring of the teeth, bristling of the coat, and growling. This is an animal's way of letting you know they they're feeling hostile, and that you should leave them alone in order to avoid being bit. Animals cannot talk to defend themselves like humans can, and their protection mechanisms can be misunderstood or misinterpreted.
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