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Beauty and the Beast


abbey vidal

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Once Upon a Time...their lived a man
who was turned into a beast because of his selfishness and the only way the spell could be
broken was if he could find someone to love him
beyond his hideous beastness. The Beast only had one years time
to find a girl who could look past
his hideousness and love him. If he did
not he would be cursed to be nothing but a
lowly beast for rest of his living days. One day the beast finds a gorgeous maiden by the name of Belle. He holds her prisoner at his castle hoping to win her heart when he knows that a girl as stunning as Belle could never love a beast as ugly as him. At first Belle doesn't want to give the Beast a chance, but than she begins to find herself falling for him. They both fell madly in love with each other and at last the spell was broken and the beast returned back to his old self and they both lived-happily ever after. The End
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