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Middle Ages

APIS SS Grade 8, Greg Slosek

Greg Slosek

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Middle Ages

The Middle Ages: 432-1450AD Predict: What was life like after the fall of Rome? Rome was smashed into proto-kingdoms
The manoral system was the norm
people didn't travel more than 30 milesbeyond their town
Trade of goods & Ideas was limited Islamic Empire
Islam spread from Spain to India
It maintained the knowledge of the Greeks
Was split between Sunni & Shia after the death of the prophet
Stopped at the Pyrannes by Charlamagne in 732 AD Battle of Tours 732
1st loss of Islamic Empire
Created Frankish Kingdom
Caused fear from Catholic Europe
Solidified feudal structure in Europe
How did European Geography influence the growth of small independent kingdoms? Vocabulary
Manoral System
Middle Ages The Crusades 1095-1291
Attempt to take the Holy Lands back for the Pope
Woke Europe from the 'Dark Ages'
Influences Trade and Thought
Created more distrust between Christians and Muslims What was life like in the Middle Ages?
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