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ipads, smartphones, PCs & laptops as means of engaging middle school students in Maths

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on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of ipads, smartphones, PCs & laptops as means of engaging middle school students in Maths

continuous assessment
data on how students achieve per activity

allow the teacher to flip a boring classroom and attract interest!
Use ipads, phones, PCs to learn Maths?
About GIHS context & my work there
"visible learning"
instant feedback
Peer Teaching and
Flipping the classroom

WHY Nearpod?
What is it?

How it works...

Have a turn...
Pcs in classroom a reality
Changed paradigm and online learning
Students IT literate
cannot afford to have them disengaged
fun learning

Theory & Research support......??
Any idea or

Technology is used to support student learning in middle school mathematics learning area, that includes predominantly the use of ipads/smartphones/laptops by the students to access the lesson activities, while teacher is enhancing learning with the use of Electronic Whiteboards in class.

Outside of the class students using the GIHS moodle site are offered small duration Vod-Casts of the lesson and online class activities via Ipads, iphones or PC.

This presentation will demonstrate strategies for using students engaging pedagogies to improve results and understanding of mathematics, through explicit teaching, constant formative assessment of student understanding and instant 2way feedback.

Nearpod site: nearpod.com

Username: alexandra.holeva@gihs.sa.edu.au
Password: eia2eo12
Learn Zillion site: www.learnzillion.com

Username: alexandra.holeva@gihs.sa.edu.au
Password: elisavet99
google drive: https://drive.google.com

username: alexandra.holeva9@gmail
password: elisavet99
this means dedication to e-learning.
students have
--1:1 access to laptops
--excessive use of online learning is stipulated via Moodle
-- 2013 and beyond strategic goal is VOD-casting for all lessons so students will be able to REVIST lesson @ 24/7/30
about myself...
--New to school from PGHS
__RP teacher leader
--Psych y12 teacher
--Maths teacher for 8/9 SS class
--aim to create engaging Maths program as per ACARA for disengaged and students with needs
GIHS is dedicated to cater for
--all students' needs in a harmonious environment and
__has as strategic focus to provide opportunities for the 21st century learner, the internationally minded global citizen

Learning as emotional process
Student teacher relationship important
Feedback pivotal support for teacher.

Feedback on
- student learning?
-why/when student is not learning?
- how can this change?
-what sense of ACHIEVING can offer to student?
--self esteem---and attitude change?
--formative assessment is hot feedback
engaging student using platforms they use to communicate is a no return...
they switch us off their mind if we insist in old methodologies
peer teaching is beneficial to both sides
is it student centered
student controlling?
flipping the classroom
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