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AIESEC Branding Guidelines

No description

Stephanie Peterson

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC Branding Guidelines

Internal vs. External Drive Colors and Fonts Emails Logo Internal If your branding is inline with national standards, then people can easily recognize who we are and what we stand for. AIESEC does not sell international internships, we sell quality experiences for world leaders to grow and progress. Don't just sell your product, sell your message Branding AIESEC -Offline Font (print media, business cards, AIESEC one sheets, brochures etc): Arial

-Online Font (social media, blogging): Helvetica or Verdana -Use an AIESEC affiliated email address (@myaiesec.net, @aiesecus.org)
-Respond to emails within 24-48 hours, and always use professional and courteous language when emailing externals
-Use a professional
signature Guidelines to Branding
on your Campus External Why is Branding so important? As a student-run organization, proper branding of AIESEC is essential to the
welfare of our organization. In order for our organization to thrive, it is crucial that individuals and businesses buy into our brand. Therefore, as members of AIESEC, it is our responsibility to act as brand ambassadors of AIESEC. Our brand is shaped by our behavior and our actions so we must act in a way that embodies the AIESEC spirit. -Do not change any of the coloring of the logos

-Do not incorporate your university’s name or local committee affiliation onto the logo

-The long form of the logo must take up 70% of the media it is on (letters, banners, posters, etc.).

-We are a student-run organization, a platform for personal and professional development and a registered not-for-profit

-We are NOT a student club or group at your university -Acronyms are internal, just for AIESECer communication
- Eddie is internal and has his own rules: Eddie should never appear:
smoking (includes cigarettes, shisha etc)
drinking/with alcohol references
dressed in or holding flags
in any provocative or sexual positions -Always keep it professional, we are a professional organization, not crazy college kids

-THINK about what you want to showcase

-The walking man logo must be used in all external social media such as AIESEC local committee facebook and twitter pages, websites, blogs, etc
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