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Health Insurance

Capstone class assigned me with a partner to look into health insurance.

Vincent Lorde

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Health Insurance

Health Insurance
Definition: Insurance that helps protect the policyholder (Buyer) against financial loss resulting from injury, illness, disability and accidents
Why you should have health insurance
EVERYONE should have health insurance even a bare minimum.
By law you should have health insurance.-Obama Care
Vocabulary needed
Where is always loop holes. So look closely into the policy.




Pre- existing health conditions


Hospital, Medical, dental, vision
rehabilitation, physical/speech therapy, prescriptions, office visits, checkups ext.
The type of coverages health insurances covers
Health insurance companies


-Community Health Plan of Washington

you can go to Wahealthplanfinder.org to find a health care plan that is right for you
Purpose of Health Insurance
Rising Health Insurance Cost
Rising Hospital cost due to advance technology and high labor cost due to shortage of nurses.
Health Insurance is coverage of financial loss of rising medical costs. And loss from injury, illness disability and accidents.
Rising cost of prescription drugs
Less specialists in the field.


Insurance Vocabulary Sheet


Vincent Lor
Luis Arevalo
Fact about Health insurance:
14 million Americans don't have minimum health insurance coverage. Due to high preimums and high deductions.
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