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Aztec's Crime and Punishment

By Lauren Brown, Thelma Bost, Dana Wenier, and Rebecca Sullenger

Lauren Brown

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Aztec's Crime and Punishment

Aztec Crime and Punishment By: Lauren Brown, Rebecca Sullenger, Dana Weiner, and Thelma Bost The Aztec's had a very developed society with many laws. Their law system shaped countries courts today. Crimes were dealt with harshly. Death penalty, slavery, cutting or hair, and burning of the persons house. la casa se esta cemando Aztec leyes Common crimes were robbery, use of drugs, and murder. You could be trialled in front of your city senators or depending on the seriousness of crime your emperor could also be present. sala de justicia la escena del crimen They believed that the gods told them the laws. los dioses azteca Culture Comparison Many courthouses in America work the similarly to the way that Aztec's courts did. They both use one main person to decide the fate of the criminal.
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