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Review of most interesting elements of composition pedagogy from 2011 PCA/ACA conference.

Nathalie Wright

on 14 December 2011

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Transcript of PCA/ACA

This Year's Pedagogy

Multi-Modal & Student-Centered
Instruction Instructor
Here Workshop Replace peer review with fiction workshop model Physically change space
Groups focus elements of writing benefits:
more reliable feedback
deeper analysis
class unity/connection drawbacks:
sharing can be difficult The Classroom Start with what student hates
Transform Rant to Letter
Transform Letter to Essay A way to approach Argument benefits:
underscores appeals
significant revision
middle ground The Rant drawbacks:
long process
could limit topics
potentially inflammatory 2011 - San Antonio Students
Here or

a dip in This Year's Pop Culture Topics Grateful Dead Studies Harry Potter Harry's place in the literary canon

Snape as Byronic hero

Joseph Campbell's mythic structure Twilight allegory of abstinence
Twilight tea party
teens Twilight and gender Grateful Dead: counterculture & resistance

musical, literary, and cultural interpretations

Phish--inheriting the musical and cultural mantle 14 Separate panel discussion on GD studies Social Media Game-Based
Learning Novels for
Technical Writing Media Literacy Instructors require media-enhanced writing projects
Students must navigate media-rich landscape Students are expected to write, design, execute. Writing is more than a mental achievment--it's a social practice & thus should engage new literacies. Students draw from the world of a novel to create engineering reports novel must have engineering elements
students solve fictional problems
incorporates ethical considerations Using games in classroom to engage students. Create or adapt existing games to your lessons
Identify learning outcomes Use social media to extend classroom Create Facebook group
Assign low-stakes discussion activities benefits:
students are there
familiar ground
reinforces classroom concepts drawbacks:
students as FB friends
access issues
limited architecture benefits:
emphasizes performance drawbacks:
could be contentious
front- end design time
may require specialized skills benefits:
student engagement
prioritizes writing drawbacks:
forced to read Michael Crichton
fiction not a t.w. model
assumes students strong readers drawbacks:
difficult to assess
requires technical competence benefits:
media literate
addresses learning styles Steal This Paper

Fall 2011
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