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with an eye on the Quality of the built environment

Velo Mondial

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of POLIS 'LOW LIJN'

Hanging Gardens

Above the water of a canal or river
Alongside a bridge

The lightweight construction is attached to the quay and covered with sedum, grasses and ivy.
Herbal Gardens

Variation on hanging gardens
Stand alone modular version
With plants & herbs
Cycle Parking Format: 'Low Lijn'
An innovative solution for inner city bicycle parking.

Creating bicycle parking

Adding high quality public green space

Locations above, on and in the water

On squares, attached to bridges, serving as terraces
Bicycle Parking Jetty

A wide jetty in the canal. A continuous green strip partly conceals bicycles and gives extra green atmosphere to the pavement.
Low Lijn Flower Market
Massive investment
Replacing the flower market
Cellars for bikes & goods storage
Shops on ground level
Garden on top level
Low Lijn Lijnbaansgracht

Floating garden
large green public space
2000 to 4000 bicycles
vanity mirrors
police post
last minute ticket counter
entertainment information
bicycle repair
Module with adaptable rooftop
Possible rooftops
Amsterdam Low Lijn - Greening Cycling Parking
a simpler solution: the not covered jetty
Low Lijn Boulevard

This variation is a boulevard along a canal

Bicycle parking underneath
Thank You
200 / day
Cycling grows everywhere
Parking provision is a growing need
Elephant paths indicate where to provide service
Simple white lines may help
On street racks are already more infrastructural
Automated parking systems are a next option
Temporary bicycle parking systems help for the time being
parking buildings are a big step forward
underground facilities are the next level
I would like to concentrate on
- cost efficient
- double or triple use
of the used space
1. Prepare in time for bicycle parking investment
2. Do not make the same mistakes as happened with car parking
3. Make a long term anual budget available
4. Challenge your politician to make the urban space attractive
5. Make your signatory multi-functional design for your city
6. Challenge bicycle parking producers to also be creative
In Conclusion
Public library Amsterdam
Passengers terminal Amsterdam
NEW: City Hall Utrecht
Station Groningen
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