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Learning Skills Syllabus

Information about Guided Studies

Bobbe Ruch Maxey

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Learning Skills Syllabus

Green Sheet
Learning Skills Syllabus
(408) 522-2400
Room 86
Bobbe Ruch Rivera Moeglich
1. To achieve success in all content area classes.
2. To develop and reinforce study and organizational skills.
3. To promote student responsibility and personal life skills.
4. To strengthen awareness of current events, contemporary issues, and cultural literacy through reading and writing skills.
5. To raise students’ levels in Reading and Math Skills.

Instructional Goals
Organization of Instruction
Mindfulness Techniques
to learn how to focus.
2. Write our
in our
3) Work in
Independent and
throughout the week according to student’s individual needs. These stations will include:
Independent Stations:
Typing Skills
Multiplication Tables
Teacher Led Stations:
–analyze anchor papers
Organization/Study Skills:
–Create a calendar
focus on reading, writing

Student Responsibilities:
1. Each student is responsible for bringing all necessary materials to class daily. The student will be responsible for organizing a content area notebook and writing assignments into their school planner.
2. Active participation in all teacher-directed, group, and independent activities is required.
3. Each student is expected to use this time in class and the assistance available to ensure his or her academic success.
4. Each student is expected to behave in an appropriate manner and show consideration for each person in the classroom.
Each student is to finish HW at home!

• 40% Daily in-class work, homework - written in planner.
• 20% Grade Point Average Paper Signed Weekly
• 20% Planner Signed by Parent nightly
• 20% Cooperation/participation.

Late work will be accepted with 10% of points taken off. Work is graded on a point basis and is translated into percentage points. Grades:98-100%= A+ 73-76 = C
93-97%= A 70-72 = C-
90-92%= A- 67-69 = D+
87-89%= B+ 63-66 = D
83-86%= B 60-62 = D-
80-82%= B- Below 59 = F
77-79%= C+
Grading Policy
Rules, Routines & Procedures
If the student chooses not to follow these rules, routines or procedures, the following consequences will be implemented:
1. Warning
2. Fill out "Think Sheet" about why being sent. Must return it signed by parents the next day, or go to timeout.
3. Detention - 10 minutes in class, cleaning the classroom.
4. Detention - 20 minutes in class, cleaning the classroom.
5. Call home
6. Referral to Administration.
• Any student who exhibits conduct that causes a safety hazard will be sent to the Administration immediately!
• Read Assignments carefully and ask questions if needed.

• Keep daily notes and homework organized in 3 ring binder.

• Take all necessary materials home for study.

• Establish a set time and place to study.

• Get a phone number of a dependable classmate for clarification.

Students need to finish HW at home!
Study Strategies
• Students who are not in class on time cannot participate in discussions or clarify assignments and therefore are often not successful in school.

• It is much easier to be in class and do the work than to do make-up work.

• It is the students’ responsibility to find out what they have missed.

• A student is TARDY if he/she is not in his/her assigned seat, ready to work when the TARDY bell rings! Consequences begin with each tardy!

Absences and Tardies
(408) 522-2400
Room 86
Contact Info
Assignment Sheets
Write in assignments,
due dates, points possible, points earned and letter grades.
Teacher adds up assignments for prize box.
GPA Forms
* Write in dates for week
* Teacher will write in grades Fridays
* Write in missing assignments/subject
* Calculate GPA's:
A = 4 points
B = 3 points
C = 2 points
D = 1 point
F = 0 point
Add, then divide by 6 classes
* Get Parent's Signature, show teacher the following Monday for Prize Box Award and 10 points!!!
Respect All Achieve Your Best Make Responsible Choices
Any food or drink Bring materials daily Sit in assigned seat
must be finished before Make eye contact Keep all four chair
entering class to show you’re legs on floor
Use a quiet voice listening to speaker Equipment and supplies
Keep hands, feet and Be in assigned seat stay in room.
objects to self when the tardy bell Bathroom: Give signal
Cell Phone Usage: Only
Finish HW at home
to Teacher (Sign
when allowed by teacher. Language Letter R),
Cell phones should be get eye contact with
OFF during school hours. teacher, if teacher
Listen to one speaker nods head, yes, if
at a time. shakes,, no.
Not 1st or last 10
minutes of class. Sign Out: Name, Destination, Date, Time, Out and In.
Always walk


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