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Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: Heart of Darkness

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Tykia Grier

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: Heart of Darkness

Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism: Heart of Darkness
How it Works
The inner conscious is split into three parts
1. The ID - the part of our psyche that responds to our instincts
2. The Ego - this deals with reality. Our Ego works out our minds' crazy demands in realistic ways.
3.Superego - Assimilates the brains values and morals that are learned.
Bachedi, Sofiane. "A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Character Kurtz." www.scrib.com. Department Of English, 11 Jun 2011. Web. 29 Sep 2013. <http://www.scribd.com/doc/59043769/A-Psychoanalytic-Approach-to-the-Character-of-Kurtz>.
What is psychoanalysis?
believed to be a psychoanalytic theory and treatment for anxiety and other emotions.
The theory asserts that our unconsciousness has a great influence on our actions and that our minds go beyond our awareness.
the theory was brought about by Sigmund Freud
Who Came Up With This Brilliant Theory?

Into The Analysis Of Kurtz
Think of Kurtz as your favorite "Evil Genius" on your favorite cartoon. He has great potential but is soon manifested with the evils of political power
Kurtz has a "brilliant" idea of bringing european civilization to Africa as well as collecting ivory.
Along with his goal of ivory Kurtz also achieves becoming a savage himself.
violence and greed are the traits that effect Kurtz unconscious mind.
The ID part of Mr.Kurtz mind becomes extremely powerful which causes him his insanity and later on, his death.
Further Analysis...
Joseph Conrad exposed the nightmares of politics and showed how irrational things can become when a great amount of power is involved.
The story's title is very relative to its content. He showed how hypocritical humans can be.
Kurtz is an all around representation of an imperialist.
Kurtz has left the civilized world, forcing him to lose contact with everything that would influence his super ego. He no longer is part of a society of high moral standards, education, and values. This allows him to leave his superego behind as he enters a lawless world set apart from his original one.
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