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Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy

Cooperative Learning

Jotie Purba

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy

"Students learning , with, by and for each other."
Cooperative Learning
What makes the Cooperative Learning model unique? (Cuseo, 1992)
Cooperative Learning in relation to the three domains of learning
A successful Cooperative Learning task in P.E will challenge students equally in all domains.
Cooperative Learning as a model
Cooperative learning = the model

Collaborative learning = various group learning strategies
Intentional group formation
Continuity of group interaction
Interdependance amongst group members
Individual accountability
Explicit attention to the development of social skills
Teacher as the facilitator
Robert Slavin (mid 1970s)

First known as Student Team Learning (STL).

Works together with other approaches to learning and involves working in teams for a certain amount of time in order to complete a task.
Based around three concepts:
Team Rewards, Individual Accountability, Equal Opportunities for Success.
Collaborative Learning = "students learning alongside or assisting one another."

Cooperative Learning = "students learning with, by and for each other."
sharing work to get job done
increased knowledge
sharing tasks and challenges
developmentally appropriate
human resources
value other idea's and work
dictate pace and process
Focussing too much on product - miss other major point of the model
sharing of misconception
authority figures
"social loafing"
Students may limit their own contributions
Cooperative Learning Debate (Good, 1996)
Ross, Jotie, Emma, Kieran, Rebecca
Team selection process
Everyone's contribution
Full range of team talents
Standardized skill test
Time completion
Accuracy/consistency test
Monitoring teams
Team Log
Student comments
Any questions?
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