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Copy of 04.05 Comparing Governments: Honors Extension

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Brooke Thompson

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 04.05 Comparing Governments: Honors Extension

4.05 Comparing Governments


The current events in Iraq are obvious attacks due to religious tension throughout the country. Considering its either in a Sunni or Shiite area it looks as if they are going back and forth in a war of their own. I feel as if Iraq is in great danger. If something is not done I fear the lives will go faster than they have been. Violence and death has seemed to make itself Iraq's Theme. Government is involved, but often it's because the attacks were against them.

"Iraq has a Parliamentary democracy type of government- a political system in which the parliament selects the government."

Yes, I do believe Iraq could is undergo democratization, the act of converting the country into a more democratic government it may be a long process United States intervened in Iraq and maybe our democratic policies will rub off on them but it may not happen for quite a while.

Events in this country may lead into crisis for themselves and others. For example Iraq is suffering greatly and the United States is continuing to try to help. This can affect the United States because of the funding and resources on our behalf to help prevent the crisis are expensive.

Dozens have died in Iraq in explosions primarily targeting amusement parks and family oriented places, where Muslims go to celebrate their holiday of Eid Al- Adha. Atleast 10 car bombs and3 roadside bombs have gone off in several different neighborhoods. One explosion even caused a building to collapse. These attacks were based in a Shiite area of Iraq.
Attacks In Western Iraq Kill 7 Police Officers
At a security checkpoint in Western Iraq, Baghdad, 7 police officers and 9 injured in a series of attacks. The first attack was a suicide bomber, Gunmen later attacked several other checkpoints as well. The attacks also spread to market places. These attacks are usually in predominantly Sunni areas. Other information was unavalible on the attack.
Dozens Killed In Iraqi Violence In capital and In North
At least 20 people across iraq were killed during a shooting with explosions involved. The deadliest attack occurred along side a busy road which killed 4 people and wounded 11. Earlier in that day there was a suicide bomber at a police check point killed 4 policemen and 3 truck drivers. This is following several attacks as well.

Brooke Thompson
At least 20 Killed During Wave of Violence In Iraq
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