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Electric Cars

A solution to climate change

Nour Ayad

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Electric Cars

How it Works
Electric Vs. Hybrid
Electric Cars
Our Solution
By Nour Ayad, Calista Whyte, and Davina Lazoritz
Electric cars on average cost $43,815.33, $12,563.33 more than the average gas car.
Save Money!
Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Lasts Longer
More Reliable
Less Efficient
Electric cars can't go as far as regular cars before needing to charge.

Putting more electric cars on the road to help reduce carbon emissions from transportation.
Uses electricity
Less expensive
Zero CO2 emissions

Uses gasoline and electricity
Gasoline is very
Some CO2 emissions
Average range of 380 miles
Costs an average
of $35,308
Average range of 83
Costs an average of $43,815
Environmental Impacts
Social Impacts
Reduce Co2 emissions
Battery slightly harmful to environment
Battery harmful to environment
Electric Cars on the road in the US by 2015
1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Smart Coupe Info:|bing|RAV4+EV|SUV%2FVan_RAV4_EV|SUV%2FVan_RAV4_EV_Base|Existing|RAV4EV_MLP#!/Welcome|13009201589|48681808691&ef_id=UT-A@wAABOtCUz37:20140426033015:s
Smart Coupe Info:
Toyota RAV4 EV 2014 info:|bing|RAV4+EV|SUV%2FVan_RAV4_EV|SUV%2FVan_RAV4_EV_Base|Existing|RAV4EV_MLP#!/Welcome
2014 Nissan Leaf info:
Tesla Model S info:
BMW i3 info:
2014 Chevy Spark info:
2014 Fiat 500 info:
Ford Focus Electric info:|13009201589|48681808691&ef_id=UT-A@wAABOtCUz37:20140426033015:s
2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV info:

Batteries designed to last longer
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