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The Walking Dead

Prezi on The Walking Dead Comics.Tv show and Merchandise

Kaylee Roethlisberger

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

Woke from a coma in the middle of the apocalypse. Set out to find Lori and Carl.
Leader of the
He was the Sheriffs Deputy.
He ultimately killed Shane (his best friend) with a knife.
He was a "threat" to the group. Rick Grimes Portrayed by: Andrew Lincoln Portrayed by Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon Lori Grimes Portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies Carl Grimes Glenn Rhee Portrayed by Steven Yeun " The Governor" Portrayed by David Morrissey Portrayed by Chandler Riggs Merchandise Merchandise is available at many
stores. Here are the ones I recommend
amctv.com The Walking Dead TV show:
Based on the comic book series (By: Robert Kirkman and Tony Morre) has made The Walking Dead popular. It is on Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC. Andrea Portrayed By: Laurie Holden WALKERS Portrayed By: Volunteers Anatomy of a Walker By: Kaylee Roethlisberger The First Book of the series.
The show was based on the comic book.
The comic book is kind of different than the show in some ways. Not majorly though. What show/movie is not? Lori is Ricks wife and Carl's Mother.
Before Rick came to the camp Lori had an affair with Shane. She got pregnant during the Apocalypse. She delivered the baby before she turned and Carl shot her. Carl is the son of Rick and Lori and is very stubborn and opinionated. He shot his mother and named the baby Judith. He also shot Shane after Rick Killed him. Daryl is a redneck that is proud to be. He is the younger brother of Merle. My personal favorite. Merle Dixon Portrayed by Michel Rooker Merle is the older brother to Daryl. He lost his arm because he sawed it off to escape the rooftop where Rick chained him. He found a hospital and dressed his wounds. He put a knife in the front of his hand to help fight walkers. He tried to kill the Governor but didn't succeed. He finally turned and Daryl shot him. The Governor is a governor of a compound of survivors in Woodsbury, Georgia. He trapped (and technically killed) Andrea. He trapped Glenn and Maggie. He has an eye patch. He also has a collection of heads. Maggie Green Portrayed by Lauren Cohan Andrea was on a trip with her sister (Amy)
when the apocalypse began. She was quickly
liked by the Governor and ultimately killed by him. He trapped her and put her in the room with a walker. The zombies (walkers) are the soul of the program. There are volunteers that dress up as walkers and are put through schooling to be a proper walker. They stink
They are attracted to scent
sound and light.
The only die with a blow to the head He is the one who gets supplies. In a relationship with Maggie. Doesn't really do anything.
In a relationship with Glenn. Video Games Survival Instinct is the newest of
the games. It is also created by the makers
of Call Of Duty. Its a FPS. You collect supplies,
Rescue survivors and kill some walkers. The game by Telltale is a episode game.
That's where every choice you make
depicts the rest of the game. I don't think it
has any ties to the show except some of
the characters names. Thanks For Watching!
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