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How is paint affected by temperature changes?

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abby white

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of How is paint affected by temperature changes?

How is paint affected by temperature changes?
4 thermometers (to take temperatures of the rooms)
1 timer
wall paint
4 locations
1 thickness measurement
1 paint brush
4 pieces of wood each cut into 3 sections
The independent variable in this project is the locations where the wood is being placed. The dependent variable in this project is the temperatures of the locations that the wood was placed. The control is the paint because the same kind of paint is used on each piece of wood.
My science fair project is about paint and how its locations and temperature affects how quickly paint will dry on wood. My four locations are the freezer, refrigerator,outside, and on a counter top. I picked this project because I love paint and I wanted to know how paint was affected by temperature changes. All I know about paint is people can do a lot of amazing things and designs with paint.
If I change the location of the wood then the air temperature will be different making the paint on the wood in the fridge to dry the fastest.
1.) You must have a parent or adult around you.
2.)You need paint
3.)Pick your 4 locations ( refrigerator, counter top, freezer, and outside).
4.) out of those 4 locations pick one of them that you are going to do first.
5.)Use a thickness measurement so you Know how think your paint is when you paint it on the wood(should be between 2 and 3 mils thick).
6.)Wait until the paint dries and record the minutes it takes.
7.)For your other locations continue the same steps and repeat in each location 3 times.
8.)Record your data to see how paint is affected by temperature.
For the counters 3 trials I timed how long it took for them to dry to see how that location was affected by the temperature. I did the same to all the other locations and did it 3 times for each of them.
When my project was finished it turned out that my hypothesis was wrong. My hypothesis was if I change the room temperature then the paint on the wood in the fridge will dry the fastest. What my data says is that the piece of wood outside with paint on it was affected by the warmest temperature and dried the fastest. Therefore the temperature affected how fast the paint dried.
According to my bar graph the piece of wood placed outside dried the fastest in an average temperature of 82* and the paint on the wood placed in the freezer did not dry but froze. So the graph showed that the paint dried faster in the warmer temperatures.
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