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Argument of Definition - Cheerleading is a sport

No description

Ronke Akinde

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Argument of Definition - Cheerleading is a sport

Argument of Definition - Cheerleading is a sport
Some people are dismissive of cheerleading as a sport, because it may not initially appear to be very strenuous, but cheerleaders at the top level of competition are actually very serious athletes, comparable to athletes in other sports.
My brother's friend, Sean: Wearing of make-up and getting your hair done before performing does not make you an athlete; you would not wear make up before going to the gym or playing football.
Another high school student, Dami: It is just dancing.
Sports have a goal while cheerleading does not.
There is no direct competition from an opponent.
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Description of a Sport:
Accepted definition:
Individual or group activity pursued for pleasure or exercise
Involves the testing of physical capabilities
Physical activity
Idea of contesting/competition
Rules to follow-time, space limit, purpose, goals etc
Team/individual work
Wearing of a uniform/specific gear
Description of Cheerleading:
Accepted definition- a cheerleader is an enthusiastic person who supports others and cheers them up
The sport itself:
A teamwork of organized routines
Performance of dances and tricks that are extremely physically demanding
Their argument is not solid enough:
Every trick performed by cheerleaders meets the requirement for an activity to be called a sport
The wearing of make up and getting hair done is part of a cheerleader's gear
Even if it is "just dancing", dancing actually requires a great amount of energy and can tire one easily
Cheerleading does have a goal - to energize both the crowd and the players
One of the highest risk injury sports
Cheerleading requires a lot of gymnastics moves and tumbling
What makes Cheerleading a Sport:
A sport must be a physical activity that involves overcoming the resistance of mass – cheerleaders stunt
Idea of competition – national competitions for cheerleaders (those that you may see on ESPN)
Rules that define time, space limit and the purpose for the sport – time limit, mat size, score sheets
Cheerleaders wear uniforms as well as other athletes
Image of a "typical" cheerleader:
When you think of a cheerleader the first thing that comes up to your mind is:
Probably girls jumping and shaking their butts in mini skirts
Some girl wearing make up cheering for her boyfriend playing on the field.
This is how cheerleaders are painted in lots of high school movies; however, there is more to that. Being a cheerleader is not just about looking pretty to cheer at a football/basketball game. It involves a lot more than that, especially athletically.
I asked three of my friends, who are cheerleaders, what they thought about the activity and what their typical day of practice was like:
C1- We do jumping jacks, push ups and other practice exercises like other sports
C2- You have to do conditioning in order to make the team
C3- Being a cheerleader requires synchronization, practice and athletic ability
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