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Student Led Conferences

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences
Do Now - Monday, June 8, 2015
1. List 3 skills have you developed or practiced this year (in any class) -- (ex: writing lab reports)
2. Consider your academic growth this year. What are 1-2 areas of growth you are most proud of?
Work Passed Back
Capstone Essay
Renaissance Dinner Party
Samurai Resume
VP - Marketing
Today's Expectations
Completing your Humanities section is your EXIT TICKET

-Show Ms. Merwin when it is complete

--This should be PRESENTATION QUALITY work, completed with CRAFTSMANSHIP --> If not, you will need to re-do this packet.
Humanities Announcements
*I will collect your Do Now Notebooks on MONDAY, JUNE 15th.

*I will give you an extra credit assignment tomorrow in class.

*We will play board games tomorrow (so bring any last pieces or prizes you need!)
*If you brought your finished board game TODAY, I will come around to you and check it.
*Student Led Conferences are Tuesday, June 16th.
SWBAT describe their role as
Conscientious Citizens
using specific evidence from their Humanities work in preparation for their Spring Student Led Conferences.
#Throwback Bonus
1. This pope started the First Crusade.
2. This person discovered the laws of gravity.
Today's Learning Objective
If you do not wish to keep any of this work, do NOT throw it away -- put it in the basket in the front.
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