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Quiz for Jafar and the King of Abysinnia

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Rahila Irfan

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Quiz for Jafar and the King of Abysinnia

Jafar and the king of Abyssinia
What was Amr’s trick to cause the king to change his positive opinion of the Muslims?
Who was the King of Abyssinia? Was he fair? Why or why not?
King Negus or An-Najashi was the ruler of Abyssinia. He was a wise and a fair ruler. The King wanted to meet the Muslims before making a decision of returning them to the two men. This showed that he was a just ruler.
What did Quraysh do when they learned about the migration of Muslims to Abyssinia? Who executed their plan?
Quraysh planned to bring the Muslims back to Makkah. They sent Amr ibn Al-Aas and Abdullah ibn Abi Rabiah with valuable gifts for King Negus and his bishops.
Who was Jafar?
1. Abu Talib was Ja’far’s father and Al-Abbas was his uncle. His brothers were Aqeel and Ali. His cousin was Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
Ja’far accepted Islam under Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq’s guidance.
The Quraysh created obstacles in their way of fulfilling their acts of worship. They also went to the extent of mercilessly torturing the Muslims. Therefore, Ja’far sought permission from the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to migrate to Abyssinia.
What was the strategy of the Quraysh’s delegation to get the Muslims back to Makkah?
The two men first presented the gifts to the bishops, so that the bishops would help them by advising the king to send the Muslims back with them.
List five points that describe Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his message which Ja’far mentioned in his speech.
Lineage, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Integrity & Tawheed
Negus was a Christian, so Amr told him that the Muslims say that Jesus is a slave. He told the king to ask the Muslims about this matter.

What was the most important point that caught the attention of the king? And how did Ja’far handle the king’s question?
The description of Jesus, the son of Maryam, was the important point that caught the king’s attention. Jafar handled the king’s question by reciting verses from Surah Maryam.
Ja’far returned to Madinah in the 7th year of the Hijrah. He was nicknamed ‘father of the poor’. He was very generous towards the poor and needy people.
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