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Battle of the Coral Sea...

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Julia Fraccola

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Battle of the Coral Sea...

"Battle of the Midway." n.pag. Military History. Web. 24 Apr 2013. <http://militaryhistoryabout.com/od/worldwar1/p/Midway.htm>. The Battle of the Coral Sea By: Julie, Staci, Kelcie, Olivia, and Julia and The Midway The Battle of the Coral Sea What was "the Battle of the Coral Sea"? Part of the first six battles between opposing aircraft carriers in the Pacific War
The battle lasted from May 4th through the 8th in 1942
Fought in the Southwest waters near the Solomon Islands
It included the United States and Australia vs. the Empire of Japan
This was an Air and Sea battle What casued the battle? War Strength The Japanese wanted New Guinea
This was the last Allied base between Japan and Australia
They also wanted to sink US Navy carriers The U.S & Australia Empire of Japan 2 fleet carriers
9 cruisers
13 destroyers
2 oilers
1 seaplane tender
128 carrier aircrafts 2 fleet carriers
9 cruisers
13 destroyers
15 destroyers
5 minesweepers
2 minelayers
2 submarine chasers
3 gunboats
1 oil tanker
1 seaplane tender
12 transports
127 carrier aircrafts Battle Of The Midway The Japanese also had 3 fleets come in from Rabaul. The End of the Battle On May 3rd and 4th, Japan conquered Tulagi and surprised the U.S. fleets resulting in the U.S. fleet carrier, Yorktown, sinking.
Yorktown was led by Rear Admiral Frank J. Fletcher
The Japanese outnumbered the U.S. and Australia greatly and they sunk more ships.
The Allies still won Start Of The Battle Casualties Happened in June of 1942.
The battle was over the U.S. base stationed at the Midway Atoll U.S. and Australia Japan 656 were killed
Aircraft carrier USS Yorktown sunk
69 aircrafts were destroyed
4 major ships were sunk 966 were killed
Heavy crusier Mikuma sunk
92 aircrafts destroyed
10 major ships were sunk Japan wanted revenge for losing the battle of the Coral Sea. The Attack Result of the Coral Sea Yamamoto (Japanese fleet commander) wanted to surprise the U.S. but, American communications had deduced the surprise. What all was lost? Works Cited 1 carrier
1 destroyer
150 air crafts destroyed
307 people killed United States Japan 4 carriers
1 cruiser
248 air crafts destroyed
3,057 people killed "Battle of the Coral Sea." n.pag. Wikipedia. Web. 24 Apr 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Of_Coral_Sea>. The Japanese wanted to take out the American aircrafts carriers stationed there The Japanese had attacked first. It was sea and air attack. "Battle of the Midway." n.pag. Military History. Web. 24 Apr 2013. <http://militaryhistoryabout.com/od/worldwar1/p/Midway.htm>. "Battle of the Midway." n.pag. American History. Web. 24 Apr 2013. <http://www.history.co.uk/explore-history/ww2/battle-of-midway.html>. Key Parts We destroyed a lot of the Japanese Naval strength.
The Japanese lost 4 irreplaceable flight carriers. Akagi
Hiryu A Turning Point... After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan needed to secure a point in the middle of the Pacific
They chose the Midway
It helped the Japanese keep goods and supplies from being transported across the Pacific www.google.com/images
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