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Career Analysis

Nurse. Cullins Project

Kayla Smith

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Nurse (RN) Responsibilities Educate patients and public about various medical conditions. Provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family or friends. Record patients medical history and symptoms, diagnostic tests and analysis results. Operate medical machinery, and help with patient follow ups. Education Bachelor's in science degree for Nursing An Associate degree in nursing And a diploma To complete all of these things it will take about 8 years total. College Polk state college (PSC) Florida state university University of central florida Annual salary Around $60,000 a year 10 years from now! 10 years from now 10 years from now there will be higher technology to treat more illnesses. Highest demand The highest demand will be everywhere because there is always someone in this world sick, but i think the army will have a high demand, because of all the illnesses, and injury's. Technology When a nurse take a patients blood pressure, or any kind of data she puts it in to a file on the computer, only for that patient, so the docter can go back and look at there medical background.

Also nurses sometimes attach electrodes to a patient to keep watch on there blood pressure and things like that with out having to run to there room to look. Customers The customers that nurses work with this career is everyone from any age and in any parts of the world.

Also it doesnt matter what is wrong with you, if your hurt they help you, if your sick they help you, and ect. p problems
The biggest problems that nurses have to solve is find out what exactly is wrong with the patient, and help the docter fiz it. Medicine Math is used while nursing when the nurse has tomeasure how much medicine to give the patient Teams With this career you have to be able to verbaly be ethical and nice to the patients and other employee or the job can be sued/ or you fired.
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