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Social studies project on south east Asia

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chelsea cushman

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Social studies project on south east Asia

Budapest San
Francisco NorthEast Asia Countries:
North Korea
South Korea
China Russia's most famous landform is an ancient fortress. Japan's most famous landform is Mt. Fuji. North Korea's most famous landform is lake Ch'onji. North Korea Russia Japan South Korea's most famous landform isTaebaek mountain. South Korea Mogolia's most famous landform is Altai Mountains. Mongolia China's most famous landform is the Himalayan-Tibeaten One of the most important river's in Russia is the Irtysh river. One of the major ocean's in Japan is the Pacific Ocean One of the longest river's in North Korea is Jaedong. One important river in South Korea is the Naktong River. One imporant lake in Mongolia is the Bayan Lake. China One important lake in China is the pearl. One intresting fact about Russia is that Russia is the biggest country in the world Language- 99% speak Japanese Russia has a constitutional federation gouvernment Russia has a command economy. Japan has a mixed economy. North Korea has a command economy. South korea has a export economy. Mongolia has a capitalist economy. China has a market but they use to have a socialist economy. websites:
www.infoplease.com ~The End~
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