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Apresentação Lean MBA Day - versão final

No description

Diogo Cordeiro

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Apresentação Lean MBA Day - versão final

Our beginnings
Improve the TIE & core services index (time reduction)

Some examples:
2004 - EDP Distribuição
Lean Programs in the core business:
Generation (Portugal & Spain)
Distribuction (Portugal & Spain & Brazil)
Shared Services (Portugal)
Renewable (Portugal & Spain)
Gas (Spain)
IT (Portugal)

Some examples:
2006 - Value Creation Office
Lean in all EDP Group - Portugal, Spain, Brazil, US
New areas:
Gas (Portugal & Spain)
Corporate Center (Portugal)
Renewables (US-pilot)
All shared services (Portugal & Spain)
Distribuction - Maintance (Brazil - with Kaizen Institute)
2009 - EDP Way
... starts in ...
Kaizen Workshops
5 S
Kaizen Events
5W / 5W2H
Mapping to see
Baby steps - every day ...
Lean Manual
for all geographies with common responsabilities

meetings with lean sponsor

Creation of Local Companies &
Local Units programs with Lean Coodinators
& team leader

Every Lean Programs in EDP have
common DNA
but are unique, they have
freedom to apply different tools
to different realities
Better Results

Satisfied customers

Environmental impact

Lead-time reduction

Better work conditions

Innovative ideas

Every problem is an opportunity
Focus in ...
Sharing ideas
Sharing Foruns between EDP group companies

A website for sharing Lean information - Lean.edp.pt

Comunication plans

Participation in external conferences
Training, Training, Training, Training
, ... A full training program for every kind of employe

40 Lean "experts" - with certification
+3500 employes have participate in Lean presentations
A class "Atitude Lean" in Corporate University (created with internal knowladge)
+ 3600 participate in the Diagnose and implementation of lean iniciatives
Lean awards (in some companies)
Lean practice applies to all work,
everyone, every day, all day
The journey begins ....
2012 data
5115 specific improvement initiatives
direct involvement of 3600 employes (
~30% - the EDP Group
know well lean?
81% know well lean methodology
what is your opinion?
77% know very well the results
93% say that the program must continue
And the results are:
Task and time reduction in core and support activities
Increse the employes creativity
Increse of the avaliabe rate of the eqquipments
More Standarized work
Increase of the flebility in some Units
A financial impact estimated over 20M€

Simple measures, Increase employee empowerment, great results to us .... and to our community
Applying Lean is our journey; many times we fail, we learn, we try to find root causes, we start doing better ... we check, we start doing even better ... but for being true "leaners" we have to think lean and improve every single day in all areas and with all involved - that's our challenge
to finish our presentation, a movie made by our teammates

... on higher ground ...
EDP Produção
EDP Brasil
EDP Corporate Center
Local coordination - site by site
13 Local Programs
Kaizen Events
Problem Analysis
using Lean
Environment and
Review the KPI's root-cause
One M.Sc. Thesis in Lean Construction - by I.S.T.
1st Electric Company presenting at Lean Summit Brasil LIB
Well organized roll-out program
Pilot Iniciatives in Core Areas
Management Control
- review Balance Scorecards
Energy Market
- review the Information Supply Chain
Human Resources
- review the recruitment, selection and internal mobiliy
One M.Sc. Thesis in Energy Market - by ISCTE - 19/20 grade
Lean EDPWay - a Lean Transformation approach
Porto, November 16
... Kata Steps...
... a brief EDP history
1st stage privatization
Merge of nationalized companies
Eletricidade de Portugal
Energias de Portugal
(2011 data)
Lean, a continuous transformation
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