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Energy and Momentum In Everyday Life

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Allan Mai

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Energy and Momentum In Everyday Life

Air Bag
How It Works?
Using the impulse-momentum theorem:
When collision happens, people in the car will have a amount of momentum to make sure their bodies want to keep moving forward.
In order to stop them from getting harm, air bags are used to extend the time required to get the enough amount of impulse to reduce the momentum for a stop.
The momentum of an object is the product of the object’s mass and instantaneous velocity.
Momentum can be thought of as “inertia in motion”. The faster something is moving, the more it wants to keep moving.
There are a lot of forms of energy in real life. Kinetic Energy is the energy of the motion, which is the most common energy we often deal with in the research of motion.
The principles of energy and momentum are widely applied in our daily life.

1. The impulse-momentum theorem

2. The work-energy theorem
Energy and Momentum In Everyday Life
Impulse is the change in an object’s momentum.
The total work done on an object equals the change in the object's kinetic energy.(Provided that there is no any other form of energy changes)
Using the work-energy theorem:
According to Newton's first law, the velocity remains on driver and passengers after the collision is large, and the kinetic energy of the people is very high.
By Allan Mai
Ek=1/2* m * v
According to the equation.
When a exact amount of impulse is required, the more time it spends during the collision, the smaller force it needs.
Therefore, extend the time during the collision can reduce the effect of the force on an object involved in a collision.
Air bag is one of the most important inventions in the transportation safety sector.
It has saved a lot of drivers and passengers from countless traffic accidents.
According to the Newton's first law, people in the car are always tend to keep moving after the collision, with that high amount of momentum and kinetic energy, the protection from air bag is necessary.
The invention of the air bag is
meaningful to the development of modern society which has a huge rely
on vehicles.
Thus, air bags are used to produce work on people in the car to reduce the kinetic energy they have.
If the windshield or air bag has to do the same work, in order to stop the person in the car.
Compare with the wind shield, the
air bag has a longer contact time with the person, which made the force affect on the person from the air bag smaller because of a longer affect distance.
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