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Bank Street Approach

Learning through experience and demonstration: educating the whole child.

Josh Eastlick

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Bank Street Approach

Educating the

whole child. Philosophy Learning through experience and demonstration. Bank Street Approach History
Strategies Overview History Theory Creating Constructive Environments Pre-Reading Strategies Sources Child-centered learning 1916 1919 1930 1950 1954 1965 1978 1980 Founded by Lucy Mitchell Nursery school is established Cooperative school for teachers is established Renamed Bank Street College School for children is started Head Start is formed Family Center is founded Center for children and technology is created 1990 Liberty partnership program is launched Bank Street goes online! 2010 Developmental Interaction Developmental Interaction Approach shifts and changes overtime emphasizes meeting children on their own terms deep knowledge of human development observation of children child's interaction with the world teacher's awareness of students children become life-long learners Influencing Policy that Supports the Growth & Development of Children Developing Educative Materials for Children & Adults www.bankstreet.edu Merging Theory & Practice Doing a picture walk
Making Predictions During Reading Confirm and create new predictions
Making connections Post-Reading Retell the story
Draw a picture about the story "Story County Here We Come"
by Derek Anderson Cognition and emotion are always interconnected Reading Overall Learning through:
Hands-on Activities
Personal Engagement www.derekanderson.net
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