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SpacePlace Walkthrough: Personas

No description

Maura Fennelly

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of SpacePlace Walkthrough: Personas

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Student Walk-Through This is Maria Teacher. Maria is a mid-career 4th grade teacher. Today she wants to set up a new project for her class to work on in groups. Parent Persona Home Page: SpacePlace.com James logs in with
user class code the first time Next, he creates his profile. He picks an alien for his avatar. The Cockpit Screen Provides options of where to go:
Missions to check on Assignments and get information
Planner to check deadlines & to do list
Communication Center to write to teacher and peers
Profile page for updates
Grades page to check his status Mission Control Mission Control provides a direct link to new and on going assignments or missions that have been assigned by the teacher. My Squad James is eleven years old and in the fifth grade. He likes school because he gets to be with his friends. He really likes to play video games when given the chance, which isn't often enough for his taste. His parents allow him to go on the home computer and have set up parental controls so that he is safe online. But James has figured out how to get past them, sometimes. Currently he still tells his parents when he thwarts the parental controls, because he is proud of his accomplishment. His parents worry about what will happen do when he starts to keep this information to himself.

James is fun-loving and generally well regarded by his classmates. But he likes to push limits and sometimes the pranks he pulls (like switching the contents of classmates' lunch bags) upset people rather than amuse them. Last fall he changed everyone's desktop picture to a campaign poster for his friend who was running for student council. He has trouble focusing at school sometimes because he spins off onto tangents. He actually does better when working in a group because his classmates keep him focused - provided he doesn't suck them into one of his crazy schemes.

James is an average student. He could get better marks if he applied more effort. Outside of school he is involved in Boy Scouts, soccer and takes music lessons. His parents are involved in his education and supportive of the school. They want to be sure their son knows how to be safe online and have urged the school to teach digital citizenship lessons and want the teachers to use technology in the school setting to prepare James and his classmates for the future. My Squad Page tells students who is in their group and if they have been assigned a role or get to choose their own group jobs. This page is linked also from the Mission or Project file it is attached to. Gallery of Projects The Gradebook page is only accessible to students, parents and the teacher. Gradebook Communication Center Micro Blogging with Peers & Teacher
Teacher approves all posts
Direct email to teacher Example Project Page
Provides students with all documents provided by the teacher. These may include
assignment templates
photos & videos
links to websites
Includes links to: Google Docs & My Squad Page Project Sample Page Profile Page The Gallery gives a location for all completed projects so students can share their work with their peers. The monthly view provides the big picture The Planner reminds students about the deadlines for their missions/assignments Planner: Weekly to do list Calendar: A Monthly View An out of this world place
to meet all your earthly needs Teacher Walk-Through First she logs in with her teacher username and password Maria heads to her Teacher Dashboard and clicks on the button labeled "Create a New Project." On the next page, Maria will be able to:
add a group project with description
divide her class into groups manually or using the "group wizard" into groups of (2-4 in a group) optimized for growth, success or skill stretch
add milestones with due dates for her students
email students and parents announcing the project Parents can click on the "Parent Sign up" link at the bottom of the screen. In order to sign up, parents must get the parent code from their student's account. One the parent is logged in, he/she can view:
- Assignments that have been posted
- Late assignments if any apply
- New Grades the teacher has posted
- Upcoming events
- New Assignments
- View any posts the teacher has made to the
- View any posts student made
- Add multiple students
- View students grades and profile
- Send teacher a message Peter and Polly want their children to be successful in school and strive to provide home support. However they struggle to support their daughter because they don’t have access to the project breakdowns and deadlines. All of their information about what happens in the classroom is provided by highlights in the monthly newsletter or what they can interpret from their daughter's homework folder. Paul and Polly want access to the same information their child has, so they can provide an accurate interpretation of her teacher's goal.

Polly is in charge of family scheduling and would love to see her daughters project deadlines on Polly’s online calendar. Understanding project deadlines would allow Polly to coordinate school deadlines, extra curricular activities, and family events. While Paul is not involved in family scheduling, seeing his daughter’s project schedule on his work calendar makes him feel connected to his daughter during the day, and allows him to make sure he is home to support his daughter before deadlines.
Both Paul and Polly love that they have access to their daughter’s completed work. And having it online makes it easy to share their daughter's completed work projects with family living far away. Parents view the same calendar as the student which shows long term assignments and due dates. Parents also have the option of importing the calendar into their mobile devices. The weekly planner gives parents an idea of what assignments are due more immediately. When parents click on the "grades" button
on their profile page for one of their children
this is the grade book screen they will see.

It is the same as what the student sees. Parents will be able to see a gallery
of completed work for their student.
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