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Logical Fallacies in Media

No description

Sydney Cannady

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies in Media

Logical Fallacies
Mean Girls
"I'm from Michigan"
The teacher automatically assumes the African American student is the transfer due to the color of her skin.
Hasty Generalization
People from Africa are black. So the transfer student must be black.
Time Warner Cable
False Causality
The man described
being so expensive, it must hates puppies.
The money a person spends on
, they could have spent on dog food. This extra expense is keeping them from feeding their dog and making them happy. Thus
hates puppies.
This is a logical fallacy because DirecTV doesn't have high prices so a dog won't get fed.
The teacher doesn't consider Lindsay Lohan because she is Caucasian.
"because we're aliens"
What do puppies have to do with a television provider?
This commercial shifts the audience's attention from television to animals.
This advertisement is attacking
for their apparent hatred of puppies.
"DirecTV hates puppies"
Message: England needs more men in the armed forces.
Slippery Slope
If we watch television through Hulu, then we will become addicted. If we become addicted, then our brains will turn to mush. If our brains turn to mush, Alec Balwin and all the other aliens behind Hulu will eat our brains. If they eat our brains, then they will take over the world.
False Authority
By Cassie, Sydney, and Nikki
False Dichotomy
Red Herring
Ad Hominem
Period Three
It has nothing to do with the quality of the competition's product. It is attacking their character.
Audience: television owners
Time Warner Cable
is the cheaper, better option because
hates puppies.
is expensive. All the money spent towards it could go to feeding dogs.
Message of Society: The commercial is appealing to those who love dogs. Anyone who has
must hate puppies.
Audience: High school students; racists
Message: Don't make quick assumptions based on a person's race.
Persuasion: When the teacher suspects the African American is the new student, it makes her look like a fool. It's better to wait until you know all of the information before jumping to conclusions.
Message of Society: Many people come to quick conclusions when it comes to nationality. America is a nation of immigrants, making it unfair to do so towards a particular race.
Audience: Countries that do not practice the same democratic principles as America.
Message: America will bomb any countries that use a different form of government.
Persuasion: This picture is trying to persuade other nations to follow along in America's footsteps.
Message of society: No other form of government is as good as democracy. We are unwilling to accept any other means of government.
Audience: American voters
Message: Obama wants the same thing as Lenin and Hitler.
Persuasion: The picture is telling American voters not to vote for Obama.
Audience: Television viewers
provides free television shows in order for aliens to take over the world.
is persuading people to use their product so they can eat their brains.
Message of Society: People are addicted to mobile entertainment.
Audience: British men who are not yet enlisted.
Message of Society: Everyone is needed in the war. Men could help Britain win by joining the cause.
Alec Baldwin is an actor. He is not an expert in mobile entertainment.
How much does he really know about
Non Sequitur
Baldwin begins by introducing himself. He then discusses how absurd it is to say television rots your brain. Suddenly he exclaims that
is run by aliens to take over the world.
Aliens do not logically tie in with mobile entertainment.
This war poster is calling all English men to enlist. It is saying if they haven't enlisted already they need to join the rest who have.
Scare Tactics
This advertisement is attempting to scare people into believing Obama is as bad as Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.
The picture depicts that by voting for him, you are really asking for Nazi Germany or communism.
Message of Society: The picture says American Democrats are foolish enough to nominate a modern day Hitler. It assumes Americans are scared little children who cannot make the right decision on their own.
Ad Hominem
This advertisement is claiming Obama is Hitler or Lenin. It says his ideas are reused from some of the world's worst leaders in all of history.
Straw Man
The advertisement oversimplifies Obama's call for change as the same change Hitler and Lenin called for.
Only two options are given.
Countries that choose not to use democracy in government will be bombed.
Choose democracy or suffer the consequences.
Scare Tactics
British World War I Poster
Persuasion: This poster is trying to convince men to join the war effort.
John Bull, the national personification of England, much like Uncle Sam, is pointing at young men. He is telling them to be a part of the military.
Revisions by Cassie Fountain
Slippery Slope
DirecTV is expensive. The money spent on it could have gone towards buying dog food. Dog food makes dogs happy so DirecTV hates puppies.
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